10 Stupidest Ways Twitch Streamers Got Banned

Twitch streamers are prone to getting banned – sometimes for things beyond their control.


Nobody likes being banned. Most of us can agree that when it does happen, we probably deserved it. Sure sure, there are always the ‘I didn’t cheat it was lag’ or ‘My account got hacked’ crowd, but lets be honest – most victims of the banhammer deserved it. This doesn’t just apply to games either, but also the streaming service Twitch.

While quite a few streamers treat it as some kind of lawless free for all, there is actually a code of conduct, and people who violate it, get banned. It’s a pretty simple system all in all, and yet it seems to baffle some people. Here are 10 of the stupidest ways streamers got banned.

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1. Brittany Venti

Girls like her are a dime a dozen – and the reason ‘fake gamer girl’ is an actual insult some people use. The reason she was banned is actually a bit of a mystery – there are several rumours going around. The most popular one is that she was banned for being racist, while others claim it was because she was fond of showing off her…asset on camera.

It’s hard to tell which rumour is the truth as they are all clouded in casual misogyny and generous helpings of trolls. The fact that Brittany’s online persona is a whiny crybaby dressed mostly in pink doesn’t much help her case – most people aren’t exactly sad that she got banned.

2. Sharishaxd

If you are unfamiliar with her, it may be because you don’t speak Russian. She’s a Russian streamer – unsurprisingly – and she’s been banned several times, for several reasons. Although her normal personality is quite bubbly and she’s prone to ranting, she has made threats to commit suicide on camera and (allegedly) even tried it.


That is of course a big no-no, but there is another, much dumber reason she’s been banned – her so called gaming channel doesn’t really feature much gaming. This could be rectified by a name change, but she chose not to do it. Hard to feel bad for her.

3. Kaceytron

She’s one of the better known streamers…unfortunately not for the right reasons. She’s been banned multiple times for excessive nudity during her streams, although she ‘cleverly’ tried to disguise them as wardrobe malfunctions every now and again. It doesn’t work.

Her content seems fine with Twitch which is a nice reprieve from some of the other entries, but if you are at all looking for any sort of class, this is not the channel for you – as you may be able to tell from a quick glance at her.

4. SonOnOldschool

This guy is actually a rarity – a rather rude Canadian. We thought they were obligated to be nice, but as the very existence of Justin Bieber proves: There are exceptions. This particular exception toed the line pretty well before being banned – he was often drunk, which is technically not a rule violation, was quite rude which is also not necessarily a violation and so on.

Eventually, when he went on a drunken and racist rant during a stream it was all too much though – despite this, many fans actually argue that his ban was unfair.

5. Roxicett

She’s definitely one of the lesser known entries on this list. This isn’t entirely surprising as her main claim to fame is being drunk and half-naked in front of a camera. Would you like to guess why she got banned? Well, for getting drunk and flashing her audience, several times. How surprising that she got banned.

6. Pink_Sparkles

Probably one of the most hated streamers alive, PinkSparkles is practically synonymous with the unpopular bikini gamer crowd. Well, we say unpopular – she (and her peers) do have their fan community. It’s just the rest of us, the sane ones, that hate that lot. When heaps of other girl gamers publicly complain she gives them all a bad name, there’s probably something to it.

Unsurprisingly, she was banned for excessive nudity, when she did a little dance for her viewers. Unfortunately for all, she’s back.

7. Foxyzilla

Mariah, as her real name is, was the victim of another user – he (or she, but probably he) used a third party program to activate large numbers of subscribers on her account. These subscriptions cost around $5 and a part of it goes directly to her and Twitch.TV.

She reached out to Twitch stuff to find out if this would be a problem, only to be assured that it wasn’t and wouldn’t be. The same user did it again, spamming subscriptions despite her asking them to stop – as a result, the third party program was found to be using stolen credit cards.

Twitch then made a ‘business decision’ (their words, not ours) and banned her account for it. Mariah was in a partnership with Twitch, making her all but an employee – she was fired, terminated and removed completely, for something she had no part in.

It wasn’t just that she lost her source of income though – many of her subscribers had pre-paid for several months of subscription to her channel, and were refused the chance to get their money back. There was even a petition asking for her account to be reinstated – no luck.

Bad choice, Twitch!

8. CRO_

If you know this guy, you know that he’s completely insane. His gaming channel had very little to do with games – in fact, he often just opened up a game and then proceeded to do whatever he fancied in his little screen window.

Whatever he wanted is to be taken literally, as we see him strap on a vacuum and a bucket and pretend to be a ghostbuster, we see him dancing with prostitutes, and even throw a glass bottle against a wall while drunk. It was the last one that got him banned – he cut himself and when he then showed the cut to his viewers, he violated the rules on self-harm. Not on purpose, but hey.

9. ClaraBabyLegs

Clara is one of the generic – little clothes-crowd. Despite that, Twitch tends to be fairly kind to her, and she rarely gets banned at all. A recent ban came about when she wore a cosplay of Pricess Leia – the slave version of course.

The funny thing about the situation was that she had already streamed in the exact same costume before, with no reaction whatsoever – twice was too much apparently.

10. Destiny

Coming across a bug or glitch during a stream is a goldmine for the streamer – it gives them the opportunity to make some unique content. Well, unless you’re Destiny and playing PUBG. Despite the confusing name (this is not about the game Destiny), this guy actually did nothing wrong here.

He came across a bug in which houses didn’t seem to exist for him, but still did for others. He could walk right through the fortresses of other players, and used his opportunity to run plenty of them over in a car, while they believed themselves to be safe.

He didn’t cheat or create the glitch, but Twitch banned him for cheating regardless – it seems they should complain to PU for releasing a broken game instead, but whatever.

Honorable mention: KneeColeSlaw

She got banned for presumably going insane and choking her cat on camera. That is not a euphemism. She was strangling her poor house-cat live on camera. Truly a horrible person.

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