Belle Delphine Has Now Sold Out Of Her $10K Tubs Of Bathwater

If you thought Kim Kardashian was famous for doing absolutely nothing, meet Belle Delphine.

Credit: Instagram/belle.delphine

Another day, another somewhat concerning story about internet personality, Belle Delphine.

ICYMI, Delphine has been flogging $30 jars of her dirty ol’ bathwater to her – in her words – “thirsty fans,” and her ‘Gamer Girl Water’ has officially sold out.

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Credit: Belle Delphine

Following the social media tsunami caused by her…let’s say, entrepreneurialism, the influencer decided to sell whole tubs of her bathwater, because why not.

She wrote on Instagram: “I am selling bath water ONE LAST TIME…except this time it’s enough to drown in 💦 

“If youre EXTRA thirsty then look no further, you also get a custom video of me bathing in the tub that I send to you!”


She then went back to edit the caption, adding that the tubs have officially “SOLD OUT.”

Credit: Instagram/belle.delphine

I despair. I really, really, do.

Of course, there’s no way of finding out who bought the tub , and it’s not too clear how many Belle Delphine was actually selling. The listing was only available to her Patreon subscribers.

Here’s her in the tub though. Lovely.

Credit: Instagram/BelleDelphine

Delphine, who once trolled her fans by saying she’d make a PornHub account but failed to include any sexual content on it, has raised eyebrows for her latest stunt.

Whether this is the trolling of the century or a sad, sad state of affairs is up for debate.

Interestingly, Belle’s website that was originally selling the bathwater is now out of action.

The website, which you can check out for yourself here, currently displays the following message: “Looks Like This Domain Isn’t Connected To A Website Yet!”

GameByte contacted Wix for comment, and a representative told us: “The domain is disconnected from the site, but we do not know what is the reason.”

Whether Belle Delphine disconnected the domain herself remains to be seen, but we probably (and sadly) haven’t heard the end of this story.

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/belle.delphine

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