Best video-game based cosplays – Boys edition

The best of the best – mens addition.

Cosplayers are often a little bit crazy – they spend tons of money, time and effort on looking just like their favourite character for a few hours several times a year. The hobby has been around for ages of course, but it’s become a lot more popular and a lot less stigmatised now.

In other words – more people than ever are doing it, and some of them look pretty great doing it. We believe that not enough guys cosplay – it does seem to be a mostly female field still – so we made a list of some of our favourite male cosplays – that is, guys playing male characters. There’s plenty of women playing men and men playing women – it’s not that they aren’t great, but we’re after the real thing here.

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1. Devil May Cry 3 – Dante

Now, first of all, we could probably fill a list of the best-looking cosplayers with just this guy – that’s not Photoshop, he’s really that ripped. In fact, if we wanted to start a campaign to get more women into video games (not that that’s necessary) we’re pretty sure we’d use this guy as the primary incentive. You go, dude!

2. Borderlands – Psycho Bandit

This guy put a lot of effort into his appearance – in addition to some pretty neat looking accessories, he’s also rocking a well=placed safety sign and…nipple spikes? Well, everybody has their hobbies. He’s already pretty fit, but since he used a little paint to make himself look more like the distinctive art style of the game, he really went all the way.

We can’t help but wonder though, if he shaved his head for the cosplay, or if that’s just his style – whichever it is, he looks super amazing.

3. Bioshock – Big Daddy

A good cosplay is all about the accessories, and if the wife makes you watch your daughter on the day of a convention…well, he certainly dealt with that issue in the best way possible. We don’t normally approve of using kids as accessories, but this girl looks like she’s having fun anyway, so what’s the harm. The two of them make a great combination as everything is spot on – the size, the costumes and even her expression.

The only complaint we have is about her bag-thing – surely Big Daddy could have fit that into his tank/screw/pocket?

4. Deadpool – Deadpool

Deadpool probably isn’t the first character you think of when you hear video game superhero, but his game did pretty well in 2013, and he IS a very varied character…so this is really no surprise. This lot shows that high quality cosplays aren’t always needed to make the best impression – they successfully managed a Mario/Luigi/Sonic/Princess Peach crossover, and somehow it’s really fun to look at.

We especially love Mario and Luigi’s beards – they really do give them character. It’s Mario’s plunger though, that makes him the real MVP here – you just know it was his idea to do this whole thing in the first place.


5. EA – DLC

This dude is a rare combination of lazy and genius. The perfect solution for low-budget cosplays AND making fun of a hated company in one go, we’re just upset we didn’t think of this before he did. We’d like to imagine that wherever he wore that (crappy-on-purpose) sign, he must have stolen the show from ‘better’ cosplays – after all, who doesn’t hate EA after last year?

6. Sonic – Dr. ‘Eggman’ Robotnik

A huge part of cosplay is working with what you’ve got – not everybody can be a young, tall and trained Dante, and that’s okay too – it’s how we get cosplays like this one. This guy had an idea and ran with it, and we love it. Not only is that one impressive beard (we shudder to think what he did to get it to stay on his face), but he even has the spirit of Dr. Robotnik – of course, unlike the ‘real’ one, this one seems to have gotten the drop on poor Sonic.

Not only does he carry him around like a pet, he even makes him wear his con badge for him – to be fair, that badge would not have worked with his snazzy coat at all.

7. God of War – Kratos

If you saw this guy motionless at a con, you’d probably assume he was some sort of statue or exhibition piece they put up – alas, it is not. He’s another example of how having the right body type can make all the difference in cosplay – we’re sick and tired of seeing half-naked girls dress up, so guys like him make for a great change. The fact that his body-painting is incredibly well-done, and his expression tells us that might be real blood on that sword only makes it better – this is not the type of guy who you want to mess with.

8. The Witcher – Geralt

This cosplayer is the perfect choice for this character – be it or because someone is currently hitting on his wife or because he’s hungry, his expression compliments the character perfectly. Geralt doesn’t boast too much equipment other than his swords and fairly simple clothing, so the fact that this guy makes it all come together with his expression is extra-cool. Whoever did his makeup did a good job too (at least we hope those scars are makeup), and in combination with the wig, he makes al altogether believable Geralt.

9. Popeye – Popeye

Popeye had his own arcade game in 1983 – coincidentally, this cute couple probably had kids that played the game when it came out. It’s not a well-known game at all, and it’s mainly just an excuse to put these two on here, but looking at them, we can’t help but think that they did everything right. From the muscles to the spinach to the tattoo, this guy is the living embodiment of popeye, and when combined with his Olive, these two are clearly the MVPs here.

We hope to have that much fun when we’re their age!

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