Best Video-Game Based Cosplays – Female Edition

Here are just a few 10/10 female cosplays we can’t get enough of.


Cosplay has come a long way from being a niche hobby – not only are there now professional cosplayers that make a living dressing up as fictional characters, but cosplaying itself has become more and more ‘mainstream’ popular. This means that not only has it gathered a much larger fanbase, but the quality has improved too – and considerably. Here are some of the best video game themed cosplays, because it’s not all about anime any more either!

This collection is girls only (plus one super-cute baby), because they deserve their own piece – don’t worry, the guys have their own article.

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It takes more than just a costume for a good cosplay shot – paying attention to the props, the lighting, the setting etc is almost as important, and this picture has it all. She’s cosplaying Faith from Mirror’s Edge, and she’s doing it perfectly.

Sure, in Catalyst Faith doesn’t go anywhere near guns, but since we don’t know ‘when’ this is supposed to be, she gets the benefit of the doubt. The white surroundings and red accents are done perfectly though!


Good cosplayers need experience – this little darling clearly got an early start. While her costume would look sexual on an adult, it looks absolutely adorable on her – we have to assume it was the parents that chose it for her, but the results are adorable.

She certainly looks like she’s having fun, and she probably enjoyed having her picture taken – she’s definitely our favourite Chun Li ever!


Sexy or revealing costumes are risky – if the woman doesn’t have the ‘required’ body type, fans will likely get upset and call her horrible names even if the cosplay itself is good. In this case, even the Internet would be hard-pressed to find something to complain about.

It’s impressive she has the confidence to wear that, and wear it well – including the leg paint and bangs. Good job girl!


Many might assume that one only need a decent pair to cosplay Lara Croft, but this girl proves different – sure, she’s certainly well-stacked, but she got everything right – pose, props, look, hairstyle and equipment.

Where did she even find that camcorder thing? Either way, we really like her portrayal of Lara – unlike so many, she doesn’t look cheap at all!


Some cosplays are definitely more practical than others. This is not one of them. We imagine she probably needs at least two people’s help to get in or out of that getup – that doesn’t change the fact that it looks super cool though. League of Legends’ Nami Koi isn’t a very common choice, which makes it all the more impressive – we particularly like her fins!


Really elaborate cosplays can take the makers days or even weeks to make – we imagine it took that long for her to paint this one on – at least part of the body-paint is definitely made up of a ‘tattoo-sleeve’ type thing, but the markings on her head and neck aren’t – that’s some quality work, and she even sacrificed her hair/eyebrows to it. Well done!


Ms. Fortune from the (relatively) unknown game Skullgirls is an interesting choice – she’s perfect for girls that don’t have the lily-white skin so very many characters require, and this girl went all out for it, even putting in (we hope) fake canines to pull of the look.

Ms.Fortune is definitely a popular choice among platers because of her cool moves, but seeing this cosplay we can imagine it’s also because of her looks.


Aloy from Horizon Zero Dawn was definitely one of our favourite characters from last year – we still can’t believe that the game didn’t win the game of the year award. This girl did a brilliant job of portraying Aloy – her outfit is clearly hand-made, and the attention to detail is excellent. With the right backdrop (aka not busy guy #3) her cosplay has the potential to be groundbreaking.

It’s always nice to see characters that don’t require more skin than cloth cosplayed – sure, sewing a tiny bikini is far easier than a full outfit, but still. Go Aloy!


The girls from Overwatch all seem to favour skin-tight spandex outfits – sure, nice to look at, but it means that most cosplays will go wrong – really good ones are rare. THese two not only have the right body-type, they went all the way with the details too. Assuming that the left one is not naturally purple, she did an excellent job on the bodypaint, and the right one seems to have put a lot of work into her outfit too – we whole-heartedly approve.

Though, if either of them had had breakfast before this pic, the spandex would probably not have forgiven them. Why do video game developers do this to female cosplayers? Give us a few characters in thick fur jackets some time!


If there is such a thing as the perfect combination of cosplay and child-container, this is it. True, we don’t know if this kid is actually a girl, but he/she is too adorable not to include him/her. The whole setup is ingenious – we don’t know if they were trying to hide the kid so they wouldn’t have to pay for a ticket, or if it was just to be able to put him/her away during a crying session – either way, absolutely all of our children will have one of these at some point. Maybe we’ll even outfit the whole thing with some (fake!) joysticks so it looks like the baby is piloting it.
We can already smell the child neglect accusations our then-ex-spouses will throw at us over this…so worth it!

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