Elder Scrolls 6: Is It Happening?

First off: Whether you preferred Oblivion or not, Skyrim was a Great game. It had a beautiful map, varied quests and lots of characters we actually liked – just enough to balance out the presence of Nazeem.


Sure, the guard with the knee-injury got annoying fast and likely got arrow somewhere else to shut him up (so worth the prison time), but the game was fun.

With Skyrim having been the fifth installment in the Elder Scrolls series, fans have started asking about the next one. Well, we say that, but with the first release of Skyrim having been six years ago (no really), fans have been asking for a while now. Unsurprisingly, Bethesda hasn’t said anything.

They have however done a few things that have given us new hope! In June, Pete Heines told us that the game isn’t even in development and that there are two other projects that are being done first – harsh, but with The Evil Within 2 and Wolfenstein 2, we at least know what’s next – or what could be anyway. Here’s a few things from the rumour-mill that give us hope.

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They’re hiring

Obviously, a company like Bethesda is always hiring. However, as of August, they were hiring big – anything and everything from Quest Designers to Concept Artists. Now obviously these could have been for one of the other games the company is working on, but the roles were announced well past the point where they could have been for either of the other two big ones. Plus, they’re all based in Rockville, Maryland, so likely all are for the same game…we hope.

Todd Howard has confirmed it’s happening

That’s a big relief – if nothing else, the company is definitely going to make it eventually. As for when…in early 2016 there were some talks that Bethesda lacked the technology to make the game they were trying to make – however much has changed in the last 2(ish) years, not the least of which is the huge increase in VR and AR technology…

Bethesda is notoriously quiet about actual release dates

While it’s annoying, the company does have a history of only announcing their games a short time before they are ready for release. Although we don’t have any concrete evidence, previous timelines and releases have us hoping for a teaser/announcement next year, with a possible release in 2019. That is, if Bethesda sticks to it’s guns and keeps up the pace they usually develop at. Big titles are notorious for suffering from delays and setbacks, and at this point, TES6 is guaranteed to be a big title.

It’s almost definitely going to be cross-platform

While it isn’t certain whether there will be a time delay between releases for PC and console, we are very sure that the game will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4. There have been some rumours that the game may even be optimised to take advantage of the superior specs of the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro – we can only imagine what a game taking full advantage of that would look like.

What about the game itself?

Well, we don’t know much about what the game will be like, other than that it will continue where Skyrim left off – roughly anyway. We don’t expect any new races, but we are hoping for a new location – The worlds of the Argonians and Khajit remain woefully unexplored, so we are really hoping we may get to see them in the next instalment. There is, of course, a good chance that the next title will also be set in an area largely inhabited by humans, but we haven’t given up hope yet! We do expect a new area and we definitely expect it to be similar to the way Skyrim was organised – as little as they have said, Bethesda has not hinted at any big revolutions in the game experience.

One other thing we are absolutely hoping for is a VR experience – there’s a very good chance that if the game comes out when we think/hope it will, there will be at least some form of VR support for it.

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