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GameByte Reviews: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (Xbox One)

“This is the game you’re looking for.”

Credit: Respawn Entertainment

It’s been a long time coming, but this IS the game you’re looking for. Trust me. After a few recent disappointing attempts at Star Wars video games, we have been blessed with ‘The Chosen One’ of modern SW titles. Since playing the 2008 game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, there’s been an absence of a good Star Wars action-adventure game with the second Force Unleashed not living up to the first game. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, however, is an absolute gem, though not without its flaws.

First of all, Respawn Entertainment has hit the nail on the head with just how fun Jedi: Fallen Order really is. Running around Kashyyk with a double-bladed lightsaber helping out Saw Gerrera – what more could you want from a Star Wars game?

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Credit: Respawn Entertainment

The title has a great sense of adventure which, combined with its stellar cinematography, makes for a great and fully immersive Star Wars experience. Fighting the evil forces of the Empire with a custom lightsaber, a little droid companion whilst rocking a poncho is the stuff we’ve all been dreaming of since childhood. It’s about as close to being a Jedi as you’ll ever get IRL.

The game isn’t without its flaws though. There were times I felt some of the combat was a bit clunky, and I often found myself being overwhelmed by some of the boss’ combo’s (but that just might be a reflection on my gaming ability). I got so immersed in the story-driven narrative that I ended up turning down the difficulty just to make the most of the experience.

Credit: Respawn Entertainment/EA

Speaking of narrative, I enjoyed the story a lot. Respawn clearly intended there to be a very strong Indiana Jones/Lara Croft vibe (which I can wholeheartedly get behind) and it didn’t hinder the game in any way. Whether you’re swinging across gargantuan vines on Kashyyk, or finding precious Zeffo artefacts on Bogano, I was never let down with what Fallen Order has to offer.


I found myself travelling the galaxy with my companions Greez Ditus and Cere Junda, laying waste to battalions of Stormtroopers and trying my best to find the precious Holocron to save the future generation of Jedi from the clutches of the Empire, and just having a butt-load of fun with it all.

Credit: EA/Respawn Entertainment

Now, just so you know, I’m not the best when it comes to combo-orientated fighting but, when I did manage it I wasn’t disappointed with the incredibly ‘bad ass’ ways I could dispatch Imperial lightsaber fodder.

Next we move onto the custom lightsaber. I’ve mentioned this a few times already, but honestly, it’s a high point of the experience. I completed my playthrough with a Purple Blade (obviously) and a really dark hilt (the exact material I used escapes memory) but I do remember how f*cking awesome I felt every time I ignited that bad boy. Pleasing, very pleasing. 

Credit: EA/Respawn Entertainment

There are definitely some flaws with the game. Combat could be smoother and it could 100% be a little more accessible for all types of gamers. I’d also love to see a bit more variation and depth to some of the characters, especially the game’s protagonist, Cal Kestis. However, Respawn has really done something great with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. For both fans of Star Wars as a franchise, and for gamers who love adventure titles, this is a definite must-have in your game library.

Featured Image Credit: EA/Respawn Entertainment

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