Ninja’s Sad His YouTube Video Only Got One Million Views

The sob story of a generation.

Credit: Ninja

Twitch streamer and professional esports competitor, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is pretty disappointed with YouTube and he’s not shy to admit it.

Ninja, who recently uploaded a video of himself and fellow pro gamer Tfue battling it out, expressed his sadness at the clip not doing as well as he’d expected.

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During a squads match of Fortnite, Ninja told TimTheTatman he didn’t “get YouTube” [via Dexerto].

“[The video got] 1.1 million, 24 hours,” he said. “I honestly don’t get YouTube anymore, it makes no sense. The thumbnail, title, everything was perfect, should’ve went off.”

Credit: Instagram/Ninja

Although it’s easy to poke fun at Ninja, he sort of has a point with this one. The video, based on Ninja, Tfue and Fortnite‘s popularity, should really have had more views.


The likes of YouTube King PewDiePie can often see a view count of two to four million in the same length of time, though he does have the highest subscriber count of any single content creator (and not company) on the platform.

Credit: Instagram/PewDiePie

Once again, it seems YouTube’s algorithm, which is often considered to be ‘skewed’ in favour of certain creators or certain types of content, is under fire.

It’s not just YouTube’s algorithm that’s causing concern for creators right now.

Creators on the platform live in fear of the copyright strike, but it’s a pretty rare occurrence for the majority of people on the platform.

Unfortunately for YouTubers who’ve been hard at work on their Beat Saber videos, copyright strikes were recently wrongly issued thanks to a Jimmy Fallon sketch.

Fallon welcomed Captain Marvel actor Brie Larson to the show and the two of them gave the VR dance game a whirl.

Credit: YouTube

Of course, the clip ended up on YouTube, which then led to NBC Universal hitting other YouTubers with copyright claims.

Sounding off on Twitter in response to the outrage from creators, Beat Games responded to a YouTuber saying: “This was not planned by anyone, that’s just a really messed up youtube algorithm. I wouldn’t be surprised if Jimmy’s team didn’t even know about the fact that this is happening. 🙁 I will reach out to Jimmy’s team. Maybe they can help, but I am not sure about that. :(“

Sort it out, YouTube!

Featured Image Credit: Ninja.

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