PewDiePie Throws Shade At Logan Paul After Visit To Japanese Forest


Credit: Instagram/pewdiepie

In a recent video YouTube star PewDiePie took a not-so-sly dig at fellow YouTuber/figure of controversy Logan Paul.

It’s been a long time since Paul’s unashamedly awful decision to post a video from his time spent at Aokigahara’s ‘Suicide Forest’ in Japan.

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Credit: Logan Paul

In the now-deleted YT video, which received global criticism and lead to Paul’s break from social media, Paul filmed the discovery of a dead body in the forest. It’s still remembered today as possibly one of the most tasteless things to have ever happened on the platform.

Pewds definitely hasn’t forgotten the incident though, as he threw some shade at Paul during his own trip to Japan.

In an episode of LWIAY (Last Week I Asked You), Pewds says of his journey to a different Japanese forest: “It didn’t hit me when I went there until afterwards.


Credit: Instagram/PewDiePie

“…surprisingly, we made it out. No controversies. Controversy averted. Thank you very much, Logan Paul, for taking one for the team.”


Credit: Instagram/PewDiePie

But as Pewds says in his latest song, if you’re in the spotlight you have to get used to your past being held against you by the media.

Check out the video below!

PDP is never too far from controversy himself, and is yet again battling allegations of being a white supremacist. A change.org petition calling for him to be banned from YouTube is making the rounds at the moment, but it’s not something Pewds is too worried about.

Addressing the subject in a video called “BAN PEWDIEPIE!” the streamer meme-d on the petition, so safe to say we’re not in any danger of him leaving YouTube. At least for the time being…

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/PewDiePie

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