Play As A Cat & Solve Mysteries In The Coolest Indie Game Of The Year

An open-world game with kitties is coming.

Credit: Eric Blumrich

A very exciting new open-world game is coming, and the Khajiit better watch out, because it’ll have you play as a series of cats as they solve the mystery of their missing humans.

Peace Island is an upcoming four-legged feline adventure game that shies away from traditional combat in favour of a narrative-focus, and it promises a huge and expansive world for you to discover.

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Credit: Eric Blumrich

Created by developer Eric Blumrich and a small team of devs “including alumni from Prune and Grand Theft Auto V,” this is one indie game you don’t want to miss.

Over on Patreon the game’s description reads as follows: “Peace Island is a open-world, story-driven adventure game, currently under development for the PC, Mac, and Oculus VR system.

Credit: Eric Blumrich

“A mix of science fiction, alternative history, and mystery – the game’s story unfolds from the perspective of the nine cats who call the island home, when they wake up to find their human companions gone.


“’Peace Island’ will be (as the name might imply,) a non-violent interactive story which will focus on discovery, atmosphere, and exploration, rather than combat. The player will have the opportunity to experience multiple divergent storylines, as they approach the ultimate decision:

“’Are the humans worth bringing back?’”

Credit: Eric Blumrich

Peace Island aims to “expand the emotional palette of gaming, and bring a bit of creativity back to an industry obsessed with monetization, loot boxes, and exploiting properties that have long since ceased to capture the imagination.”

Sounds good to me! Plus, it has CATS!

Check out how far the game has come in just a year in the tweet below.

Peace Island is hopefully launching next year. Find out more about it on Patreon right now!

Featured Image Credit: Eric Blumrich

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