Self-Taught Cosplayer Can Turn Herself Into Literally Any Character

Whether you think that cosplay is fun or a useless waste of time, one thing is undeniable – it takes …read more


Whether you think that cosplay is fun or a useless waste of time, one thing is undeniable – it takes a serious amount of time, effort and money to get good at it. Most people – even the cosplay haters – can appreciate a well-executed costume regardless of their feelings on the topic itself – and this Polish cosplayer is the perfect example.

Her insane skills are all self-taught. Justyna ‘Sosenka’ Sosnowksa is a landscaper by trade. That’s right, she has a Landscape Architecture degree. We didn’t know that was a thing you could get a degree in, but kudos to her. Her interest in SFX make-up began in 2014 as a hobby, and quickly evolved into something bigger.

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To be honest, with the alternative being landscaping, this isn’t entirely surprising. She enjoys many things about her new-found trade. According to her: “From various technical methods of mapping the images of the characters to strengthening certain personality traits such as patience, precision, succession in pursuit of the goal.” That’s honestly one of the coolest things we’ve heard anyone say about cosplay.

It’s pretty well-known that the learning curve to getting good at cosplaying is pretty steep – sure, everyone can glue on fake eyebrows and beards and put on a bought costume to wear to ComicCon, and while there isn’t anything wrong with that per se, it hardly deserves the same name as this girl’s work.

She now has some 300k Facebook followers to which she frequently shows off her various designs. From ‘face-only’ quick transformations to full-body costumes and even prosthetics, this girl’s skills are no joke.


This is her out of cosplay:

That’s right – she looks more like one of those Instagram models than a cosplay artist. While we love looking at her without make-up on, it’s easy to forget how pretty she is when you see her in character. An example:

Azok the White Orc from the Hobbit – it’s not too easy to find a less attractive character. Scars, a peculiar skin colour and quite frankly a complete lack of moisturising regime make him an unlikely choice for… okay let’s cut this short, here’s her version of him:

She could have easily appeared in the movie like that – nobody would have noticed. That’s not the only character she can pull off easily though. Other choices include Maleficent (with cheekbones like that, an obvious choice), the Mad Hatter, and Hermione Granger (as well as some other HP characters).

Here are some of them:

Her ‘normal’ aka human cosplays aren’t the amazing thing though – yes, they’re good, but they pale in comparison to her other work. Here she is as Majin Buu from Dragon Ball Z:

That’s not a bought suit or anything like that, it’s her own work, using makeup, prosthetics, and, we assume, some kind of dark magic involving human sacrifice, because look at that.

If you like it a little more grisly, here’s Hellraiser’s Chatterer:

He’s not pretty, but he’s damn impressive – the attention to detail is stunning. We just hope she didn’t get an itchy nose or had to sneeze right after putting that on.

If Disney is your thing, she’s got that down too – how about Hades from Hercules? His most…defining feature, along with the flaming heir of course, is his chin – how about this:

She’s done the Joker from Suicide Squad too:

Including tattoos, but without the torturing of Gotham – we hope.

Another video game character she’s done is Ciri from the Witcher:

Ok, it’s getting to the point where even we are having problems believing that this is real. It is though -promise! You can check out her work and designs on her social media:

If that doesn’t show up all of those Instagram ‘models’ nothing will – this is real cosplayer skill!

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