Someone Created A Logan Paul Suicide Forest Game And It Needs To Be Deleted

There has been an addition to the Xbox ‘Creators Collection’ and it is more than a little disturbing.


The game is titled ‘The Suicide Forest’ where you are playing as Logan Paul running around the famous Japanese suicide forest where you ‘Find bodies and get millions of views for your channel’. The game description reads as such:

Playing as a vlogger you are going to explore the Aokigahara forest searching for bodies in order to get millions of views for your channel. The forest is full of dangers, so you gotta be careful, otherwise, you may become one of the bodies you came to film.

A guy by the name of @bearskopff on Twitter found the user submitted game while looking through the Xbox community marketplace and immediately made this tweet about the game.

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What is even more concerning about this is the fact that it is given a 3+ age rating. Many people were very upset to know that this game even existed never mind it only having a 3+ age rating.

The way that this game was able to get onto the store is that the XBOX Creators Collection doesn’t need to be approved to get put onto the store. It is for anyone and everyone to submit their games. However one reply to the tweet went on to say that if they game was reported it would more than likely be taken down.

Here are also the pictures of the game that were in the original tweet:


Logan Paul Suicide Forest Game
Logan Paul Suicide Forest Game
Logan Paul Suicide Forest Game
What do you think should be done about this? Should there be better policing of this or should this sort of game be allowed to be made?

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