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Study Says ‘Hardcore’ And ‘Casual’ Gamers No Longer Exist

There are way more colours to this rainbow.

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A study has suggested that gaming culture has evolved past the states of “hardcore” and “casual” gamers.

It used to be a pretty dog-eat-dog world out there, with the pros and the noobs and not too much in between.

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However, this is 2019, and there should be more ways for gamers to identify as, says one study.

Provider of esports and games analtyics, Newzoo, has been hard at work trying to redefine gamers, and it’s created Gamer Segmentation.

Gamer Segmentation is here to “encompass all aspects of consumer engagement with games: playing, viewing, and owning,” says Newzoo.


“The old way of segmenting gamers, with personas like casual and core gamers, is linear, incomplete, and offers few benefits to the games business.”

Newzoo has come up with eight modern ‘personas’ categories [via PCGamer] defines them, and considers other statistics including age and living situation.

The Eight Personas according to Newzoo are:

The Ultimate Gamer (13%),The All-Around Enthusiast (9%), The Cloud Gamer (19%), The Conventional Player (4%), The Hardware Enthusiast (9%), The Popcorn Gamer (13%) , The Backseat Viewer (6%) and The Time Filler (27%).

For a full breakdown of each category, check out Newzoo’s infographic below, or on the website here.

Credit: Newzoo

To put it simply, the Ultimate Gamer lives, breathes and poops gaming.

The All-Round-Enthusiast gives two thumbs up to gaming, but might not necessarily dedicate their life to it.

The Cloud Gamer prefers free-to-play games and might not want to part with their hard-earned cash to play on a decent rig or dedicated console.

The Conventional Player plays their own games and doesn’t really watch others. Sorry, Twitch.

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The Hardware Enthusiast has their social media notifications on for whenever Nvidia tweets.

The Popcorn Gamer will happily watch you play but rarely gets involved.

The Backseat Gamer watches Twitch, YouTube and used to enjoy gaming in the past, though things have gotten away from them a little in recent years.

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The Time Filler Gamer is the person you see playing Candy Crush while waiting for a bus, or in the doctor’s surgery.

So, do you agree with Newzoo’s categories? Which do you fit into?

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