Top 10 Cutest Female Twitch Streamers

Whether it’s playing a game they’re good at, doing real life streams, or interacting with viewers, all of the streamers in this list work hard to make tuning in fun and rewarding.

Cutest female twitch streamers

Twitch has become such a huge platform in recent years that it’s now possible for almost anybody to put the effort in and turn Twitch streaming into a full time career.

However, to truly make it, you need to put in a whole lot of effort. Unless you’re super cute of course. The following Twitch streamers undoubtedly managed to grow their following by melting the hearts of their viewers.

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Lilypichu – Cutest female twitch streamers

Lilypichu got famous on YouTube for her cute voice, and as she started streaming on Twitch, it turned out everything else besides her voice was super cute too.

Currently, Lilypichu lives with a group of other streamers in a streamer house. She’s part of the OfflineTV streamer group, and you’ll often find her interacting with other members of the house.

It’s the cute interactions between Lilypichu and other OfflineTV members that’ll make you fall in love with Lilypichu.


And, for those that have tuned into her channel before, yes that really is Lilypichu’s real voice.

Iam_Choa – Cutest female twitch streamers

Iam_Choa is a Korean Twitch streamer that originally received popularity for her real life streams as she explored South Korea with her viewers tuning in along the way.

Nowadays, Cho has used her newfound success to give her an opportunity to explore and travel to other countries. It seems that no matter where Cho goes, her fascination with the world around her captures the hearts of thousands of viewers.

The clip above of Cho exploring a Christmas market last December will explain exactly what we mean.

iGumdrop – Cutest female twitch streamers

iGumdrop is another streamer that’s part of the OfflineTV streamer house. She’s best known for her bubbly, cute personality.

With her reluctance to ever grow up, watching iGumdrop will melt your heart. She’s like the innocent younger sibling in the OfflineTV family and you just can’t help but go ‘aww’ when watching her on stream.

xChocoBars (Featuring DisguisedToast) – Cutest female twitch streamers

If you haven’t guessed already, the OfflineTV streamer house is the place to be if you’re looking for cute and adorable interactions.

xChocoBars has always had a cute personality, but ever since her and DisguisedToast have been spending more time with each other in the house, watching these two is the cutest thing you’ll ever do on Twitch.

It’s very clear that xChocoBars and DisguisedToast have fallen for eachother – their interactions with one another is just so adorable.

2MGoverCsquared – Cutest female twitch streamers

2MGoverCsquared is one of the most popular female streamers on Twitch. There’s a lot about 2MGoverCsquared that makes her stand out.

She’s super pretty and has a very bubbly personality. She’s always filled with lots of energy, and she’ll always put in the effort to make her streams entertaining.

2MGoverCsquared now splits her stream up into talking with her viewers, playing a variety of games, or going out and doing real life streams.

Pokimane – Cutest female twitch streamers

Pokimane is just so energetic and full of life that it’s just too hard not to admit how adorable she is. Unlike many of the other female Twitch streamers, Pokimane never shows off her body in an alluring way.

Instead, it’s just her personality that stands out. What’s interesting about Pokimane is that she’s actually quite a good gamer, too. Currently, she’s a diamond League of Legends player. She mostly plays League, but will occasionally do real life streams.

Jennyeatsbabies – Cutest female twitch streamers

Known mostly for her League of Legends gameplay, Jennyeatsbabies is currently a diamond mid lane player that mains Lux.

Jenny is a pretty good Lux player, but we can’t help but find her super adorable. When she’s focused on the game, she acts like winning her lane is a life or death situation.

In between games, she usually calms down enough to interact with chat and engage with viewers and talk about movies, games, and just general life.

Becca – Cutest female twitch streamers

Becca is another Twitch streamer you’ll usually find in the League Of Legends section. She’s actually not a bad player, but we can’t help but notice just how cute she is too.

As well as doing League Of Legends streams, she will occasionally do cooking streams – during these streams, Becca interacts with the chat whilst making all sorts of tasty food.

It’d be great to see Becca do more cooking streams or real life streams because that’s where her true character shows and it’s just so fun to watch.

ItsHafu – Cutest female twitch streamers

Hafu is a high level Hearthstone player that spends most of her day playing and streaming Hearthstone. She occasionally goes to Hearthstone tournaments and events as well.

As it turns out, Hafu is actually super cute as well. Hafu always brings so much energy to her stream and she’ll spend more time interacting with her viewers than most streamers do.

If you want to find a stream where you can get to know the streamer and the other viewers personally, ItsHafu is definitely a good streamer to check out.

Fran – Cutest female twitch streamers

There’s a lot to like about Fran. Not only is she a top 500 Overwatch player, but she’s super cute, too. The majority of the time, Fran will be playing Overwatch at a high competitive level, but occasionally she’ll do real life streams as well.

When she’s not sweating it over her Overwatch games, Fran will usually take the time to talk with her viewers and ask them questions about their life.

Whilst fran is very cute, she’s the kind of girl that won’t take any disrespect, so the minute anybody in her chat disrespects her, she’ll lay down the banhammer.


What are your thoughts on the 10 cute female Twitch streamers we’ve mentioned? There’s no denying that these streamers are all super cute – but they’re all pretty good at providing fun, engaging content, too.

None of these streamers solely rely use their looks to get themselves fame and fortune on Twitch.

Whether it’s playing a game they’re good at, doing real life streams, or interacting with viewers, all of the streamers in this list work hard to make tuning in fun and rewarding.

The fact that they’re super cute just makes watching these streamers even better.

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