Twitch Is Now Paying Female Streamers Who Are Just Starting out Streaming

Twitch will be paying up to $2000 dollars per semester to female streamers to celebrate women’s history month.

Paying Female Streamers 3

Twitch Paying Female Streamers

Women’s History Month is starting in March and Twitch have partnered with 1,000 DreamsFund in order to promote female streamers this will include Paying Female Streamers to help them with initial start up cost for their stream. From March 1 until April 1 Twitch has a charity stream planned. This will aim to raise money for the 1,000 Dreams Fund. The Charity is aiming to fund 1,000 women and the stream event itself aims to raise awareness of the challenges of women.

The grants of money will be anywhere from $500 – $2000 each semester. If you are a female streamer who is in High-school or College you might as well apply for this grant and get some free upgrades etc from Twitch. The grant is said to help cover the cost of travel as well as hardware upgrades.

The grant is open to all female streamers but High school, college or graduate school aged streamers are preferred. Paying Female Streamers Is a new idea but one I think could help bring a more diverse crowd to the site.

1,000 Dreams Fund CEO Christie Garton had this to say about the partnership with Twitch and Female streamers.

As an organization committed to all dreams, we are excited to partner with members of the Twitch community on this amazing new campaign.

The initiative will not only raise critical funds, but will also boost awareness around the shortage of support for these creative young women in the digital broadcasting space.

Will you be looking to get onto this program or do you think it is unfair that there is no version of this for male streamers who are just starting out?

Let us know your thoughts on Twitch Paying Female Twitch Streamers!

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