Twitch Streamer ‘Trapped In Own Home’ By Viewer

Streaming can be a safe space, but it can also be a scary one.


Twitch is a double-edged sword when it comes to its many communities. Although there are thousands of safe spaces for viewers to digitally connect and talk about their favourite games with their favourite streamers, there’s (unfortunately) always going to be people who take things just way too far.

Credit: Twitch

Twitch affiliate and streamer Khaljiit recently took to Twitter to tell her fans about a very disturbing experience she recently suffered through, and it sounds absolutely terrifying.

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Khaljiit, who has just under 70 thousand Twitch followers, tweeted: “At 4 am today I woke up to a viewer knocking at the door of my apartment. After dozens of ignored messages, he drove 9 hours to trap me in my own home, without my permission. All because I said no to him.”

The news caused a huge amount of concern for the Twitch star – and for the community in general – as it becomes more and more common for streamers to suffer at the hands of some of their viewers.

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The matter is now apparently in the hands of the police, with Khaljiit’s brand partner and friend ModestMarill saying: “[the person involved] is known to come to streamers meetups and conventions and I’ll be working with local authorities and organizers to take appropriate precautions.”


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Hopefully this is a trend of terror for Twitch that will stop before someone gets seriously hurt.




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