7 Times Streamers Took it Way too Far and got Banned for it

With more streamers than ever before competing for viewers, subscribers and donations, it’s no surprise that quite a few of them decided to…branch out in their efforts to attract more viewers. While that in and of itself is neither surprising nor, necessarily bad, it has led to some pretty unfortunate circumstances.

It takes a particular kind of person to be willing to put themselves out there like many of these guys did…and we really wish most of them hadn’t done it, because boy did they miss the mark.

1. Ricegum

Arguably one of the lesser ‘offenses’ here, RiceGum was playing Overwatch when he was banned – Twitch has pretty strict rules on violence and threats – namely they’re all forbidden, no matter what, and that includes a ban on any weapons.

This shouldn’t even have to be a rule, but it is one that Ricegum broke. he pulled out a very nice-looking BB gun mid-stream and showed it to his viewers. Although not real, the gun looked pretty realistic and that was enough to get him banned for good.

After all, what would video games be like if guns were part of it? Oh wait. While we don’t necessarily feel that completely fake weapons warrant a ban, we do have to wonder what Ricegum was thinking – surely there was no reason to pull the gun out in the first place?

2. Cr0

Cr0 was a pretty popular streamer with some issues – sure, we all have them, but we don’t all host drunk Twitch fests. He did, but that isn’t what got him in trouble – despite frequently being inebriated and even drinking on camera, he was caught cheating – that’s a huge no-no for obvious reasons.

It didn’t stop there of course – he also threatened people and would joke about crimes like assault – in fact, some of his watchers suspected he was abusing things other than alcohol. The final straw was his decision to threaten to kill himself on Twitter – although not on Twitch directly, the threat to do it on camera was enough to get him booted for good.

In this case, that was probably for the best!

3. Brittani Venti

Brittany was a very popular streamer that got banned in 2015 while playing GTA V. She wasn’t the most outstanding of players but still had a pretty solid following (despite her frequently filthy room!!), so when she was being raided by 4Chan at the time, she just carried on.

If you’re unfamiliar with the tactic, it means that 4Chan was sending tons of viewers and trolls with fake donations to her channel in order to spam her. Well, she was using the text-to-voice function, which became an issue mid-raid. The raiders began writing offensive and racist comments – the function read them out and she got banned.

She appealed the ban (it wasn’t her first) and got to come back – other reasons for her bans included too much cleavage (yeah, she’s one of those) and her repeated mentioning of her viewer’s supposedly undersized crown jewels. Charming, isn’t she?

4. Gross Gore

The video game world is still pretty full of sexism – that isn’t exactly front page news, but this guy took it a step further. He and his friend spent about £2000 pounds in order to hook up with two women. They set up a meeting, booked two hotel rooms, the works.

The guys were eventually rejected by the women (who, as it turns out, dodged a bullet there) and instead chose two other guys. Those other guys happened to be professional gamers, and Gore had a meltdown over it all. He accused the two of brainwashing, of stealing the girls and more.

Apparently he’s never been rejected before (we find that extremely hard to believe), and he lashed out at the guys. He called them out for it online, threatened them over and over, even sent them direct threats and before long he was banned with no chance of appeal from Twitch – say what you will about their banning practices, but they definitely hit the nail on the head by getting rid of this guy!

5. Kneecoleslaw

This girl deserves a special place in hell – unlike your ‘standard’ half-naked dizzy streamer girl, she decided to go for a bit of animal abuse. That’s right, she decided to choke her cat. We are trying very hard right now to resist any ‘choking the pussy’ puns, so we’ll just focus on the grim details of what happened.

She was streaming, and while doing so, the cat was up to cat shenanigans – of course, it’s a cat after all – which she didn’t appreciate. Unlike sane people, who would have likely gone and locked the cat outside or even just shooed it away, her solution to the problem was to take her and choke the life out of her.

Don’t worry – the cat survived with minor injuries. Almost as disgusting as her behaviour though, is the fact that her ban wasn’t permanent. Apparently animal cruelty and abuse only calls for a temporary ban – the same punishment she received for doing jumping jacks half-naked.

Fail, Twitch!

6. ZilianOP

Angel Hamilton had it tough – wheelchair-bound, he decided to spend his time earning money on Twitch because it was a lot easier than ‘regular’ work. Many of his fans supported him and sent donations whenever they could, making for an incredibly heart-warming story, right?

Wrong. Impersonating a disabled person isn’t technically illegal, unless you’re trying to claim benefits, but it sure should be – he got away with it for a long time, before, rather miraculously, during a stream he thought he has already ended, he hopped out of his chair and walked off.

Thankfully, Twitch banned him and he hasn’t been back since – what a despicable thing to do.

7. JoeDaddy05

There’s no sugar-coating this guy – he thought he ended a stream he was running but failed to do so. Off-camera, he could be heard yelling obscenities at his girlfriend, threatening her and more. After playing NBA 2k16, the two had a fight that culminated in her threatening to call the police and eventually screaming in pain that he is hurting her – all of this still audible to all of his viewers.

Like a true scumbag, he claimed that this was all fake and he didn’t assault her but instead ‘fell on top of her’ while drunk, that she had hit him first and so on and so forth. When he claimed to have learned his lesson, nobody bought it – he was banned from Twitch and deleted most of his social media. Serves him right!