Control Guides – Everything You Need To Know

Control easily stands out as one of the more imaginative AAA games of the last few years. With its jaw-dropping visuals, mind-bending combat and expansive world design, there’s plenty to get stuck into in this Remedy classic.

But with that comes some confusing puzzles as well as many unlockables to collect. If you’re having trouble with figuring some parts of Control out, we’ve got an extensive amount of guides that ought to help you. Here they are.


Control has a number of puzzles you need to solve in order to unlock new powers or progress missions. There aren’t a massive number of them in the game, but certainly enough that may be elaborate enough to confuse players who are stuck. Here are our guides to the puzzles in Control.

Control Guide: How To Solve The HRA Lab Puzzle
Control Guide: How To Solve The Hypnosis Lab Puzzle
Control Guide: How To Solve The Luck and Probability Room Puzzle
Control Guide: How To Solve The Mirror Puzzle And Defeat Essej


Likewise, there are also a number of special items to unlock in Control. Some of these are cosmetic, but there are also ways to introduce new abilities for you to unlock for Jesse. Here are our guides for unlocking new items in Control.

Control Guide: Every Psychic Ability And How To Unlock Them
Control Guide: Every Outfit And How To Unlock Them

That’s all you should need to know about Control! Let us know on our social channels if you have anymore difficulty with the game.


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Featured Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment