A Fifth Avengers Movie Has Been Confirmed By Marvel

Don’t panic, Marvel fans. It sounds like Kevin Feige still plans to ‘assemble’ the Avengers as the Marvel Studios President confirms an Avengers: Endgame sequel is definitely in the works. After the box office bonanza that was Endgame and a movie that set the wheels in motion for Phase 4 and beyond, fans were a little disappointed that there isn’t ‘currently’ an Avengers 5 on the horizon.

Avengers in Overwatch
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As it stands, the Avengers roster is more confusing than the Multiverse itself. With big players like Iron Man and Black Widow passing away and Old Captain America apparently being killed off before Spider-Man: Far From Home, there are only three of the OG Avengers still kicking around.The OG Avengers Assemble For The Battle Of New York

Obviously, the likes of Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, Spider-Man, and Black Panther can fill the vacant positions. The final Endgame battle united the great and the good of the MCU, proving there are plenty of potential Avengers waiting in the wings.

Credit: Marvel/Disney

Speaking to MTV News at Comic-Comic International, Feige promised there will another superhero ensemble for the Avengers. Discussing who will be involved, the Disney bigwig reiterated: “It will be a very different team than we’ve seen before. That’s what Endgame was all about.

“It will be a very different incarnation of the team with some people you’ve already met and some you haven’t met yet.”

Teasing “some you haven’t met yet”, you can expect Phase 4 stars like Shang-Chi, some of the Eternals, and Jeffrey Wright’s Watcher to play a part. Other likely candidates include Natalie Portman’s Mighty Thor” and Mahershala Ali’s Blade.

Credit: Marvel/Disney

Discussing when we could be sitting down to Avengers 5, it sounds like Feige isn’t willing to lock in a date just yet. For anyone hoping Avengers 5 could fill one of those potential extra movie slots, bad luck!

Feige continued, “It’s what I love about the Marvel comic method of storytelling. That’s not anything we invented, I love that things build up, they build to a crescendo, they all get together, they separate, they change.

“And now we get to do that, not just in movies but in these mega-event series on Disney Plus, [which] has just invigorated all of us at Marvel Studios to keep going.”

It’s a story we’ve seen time and time again from the MCU. Similar to how fan-favourite characters like Doctor Strange and Iron Man only met in Infinity War, Feige likes to leave a breadcrumb trail of character stories that eventually intertwine.

Let’s also remember that by the time Avengers 5 rolls around, we might’ve already met a certain ‘fantastic’ quartet and some very gifted youngsters.

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