A Modder Is Trying To Recreate The Legend Of Zelda In Doom

You thought Infinity War was the most ambitious crossover event in history, you were definitely wrong. Whichever genius came up with a Legend of Zelda and Doom crossover is truly living in 3019 while the rest of us sit and watch in awe, all the way from 2019.

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A person by the name of Exkodius is the Project lead for the creation and here is what he had to say about the masterpiece in the works:

The project began as a silly idea while me and my friend were playing Zelda on the good ol’ NES. We thought it would be really cool if you could run around in first person and look around Hyrule in all it’s 8-bit glory.

I had just started modding Doom again recently and though that the mix would be perfect! So i spent a couple of days researching how to get started. Then i got my friend Holkish to take care of the map making and the general “Know it all” for Zelda. (He’s a huge Zelda fan)

Right now the mod is being developed using the GZDoom source port. I love the additional functions ZDoom has added and the OpenGL features from GZDoom aswell.

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However, he recently updated the site with a post saying he doesn’t have the time to be able to finish the creation:

After almost three years i needed to realise that i probably won’t get the time to ever get anywhere with this project let alone finish it! I have received several requests to release the files to the open waves of the net wich by now i think is the only valid option. I really hope someone with the passion or just the know how can have some use of this and mabye even finish it?

I want to thank all of you that showed your support and your kind comments about the project! It all gave me a nice fuzzy feeling inside.

I had a blast working on this. And who knows? Mabye one fine day i’ll come back and poke at it some more ;P


The progress he has made is incredible and the idea is solid, he just needs to find someone who has the time to create such a masterpiece. I hope that someone will take the project onboard and be able to finish this piece of art.