A Mysterious New DC Comics Video Game Is Apparently In The Works

While the rest of the world has been focused on upcoming Marvel games, it seems that there’s been a sneaky DC project in the pipeline for some time.

The news comes from Twitter, where a developer at WB Games Montréal  responded to a question about upcoming titles and projects they’re working on.

Credit: Rocksteady

Osama Dorias, game designer at the company, admitted that the team is working on something DC-related, but naturally couldn’t go into any more detail than that.

Dorias said: “[redacted] DC franchise. [redacted] Sorry :(“

He added in a separate tweet that it’s “not news.”

Last year rumours spread that Warner Bros Montreal was working on a new Batman game, entitled Court of Owls.

The rumoured new Batman game is expected to be a sequel to Batman Arkham, with Dorias saying in the past that Warner Bros. Montréal is working on an open world DC game.

I guess we’ll just have to watch this space…

Credit: Rocksteady

In other Batman news, a listing for a collector’s edition of Rocksteady’s Batman Arkham games was recently spotted on Amazon UK, but you definitely don’t need to worry about whether this leak is real or not.

Rocksteady’s marketing game manager, Gaz Deaves took the unusual step of confirming the leak on Twitter, but hey, I’m not complaining.

Deaves tweeted: “Quick info for the players who have been asking. Batman: Arkham Collection is coming to Europe in Sept, and includes the E2DK skin (the first time it’s available outside NA). Early next year E2DK will be released as a free download for everyone who owns BAK on PS4 worldwide.”

Featured Image Credit: Rocksteady