A YouTuber Climbed A Building With A Real Spider-Man Suit

If you’ve watched Into the Spiderverse, then you know anyone can wear the mask, but this one Spider-fan and their real Spider-Man suit might be taking it to the next level (thanks, TheGamer).

YouTuber Jlaservideo set himself one simple task – build a real Spider-Man suit that can climb walls. Now obviously it’s not as simple as getting bitten by a radioactive spider and getting powers. And we’re a while away from making some kind of glove that can stick to any surface it touches. So to accomplish this feat, Jlaservideo built a suit that uses incredibly powerful suction cups.

YouTube video

The gear consists of four suction cups, one for each arm and leg. Air pumps are then attached to each cup to maintain the suction. Other than that, there’s no fancy technology involved. It all looks fairly compact, and was built to go under Jlaservideo’s Spider-Man suit.

However, it only works on flat surfaces, as there needs to be no gaps in the suction cups so they can maintain their stick. And so obviously, with the tech tested and ready to go, Jlaservideo decided to climb a building.

The YouTuber found a pretty big building to scale, and actually managed to do so. He did of course need insurance, a rope attached to him in case he fell, and a film crew to capture the whole thing. The full video is quite impressive, clearly a whole lot of work went into making this happen.

But please, no matter how cool it looks, don’t try this at home.

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Featured Image Credit: Insomniac Games