Active Military And Veterans Can Get Free Games On Steam

A nice move.

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It’s been announced that active US military and veterans can treat themselves to a bunch of free games on Steam, thanks to the amazing Games to Grunts initiative.

Games to Grunts is a social connectivity program that provides video game codes to the military community – completely free of charge – as a way of showing the troops some appreciation and to help improve social connections for vets.

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Credit: Bandai Namco

If you’re army personnel then you can head on over to their website, create an account using your military I.D and you’ll then be able to choose from a range of free game codes. Unfortunately, it looks like supplies are limited for each game, so if you see that something you want is available then best act quickly!

Over on the Games to Grunts website, a statement reads: “Games to Grunts is an OSD Social Connectivity program providing video games to members of the military community via digital download codes. The program was started as a direct result of the trends in the gaming industry towards digital distribution. 

Soul Calibur VI
Credit: Bandai Namco

“We’ve become experts at putting games in the hands of troops and have learned a lot while distributing over 1,000,000 games since 2010. “


Although the list of free games is mostly comprised of indie titles, there’s a couple of heavy-hitters on there, including the amazing Tekken 7, and the one and only Soul Calibur 6.

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Even if the AAAs on offer aren’t your up of tea, there’s still dozens up dozens of games listed on the site, all for completely free, so have a browse now.

You can check out the full list of games for veterans and the army community right here.

Find out more about Games to Grunts, and how OSD helps the military community by clicking here.

Featured Image Credit: Bandai Namco

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