All New Fortnite Battle Pass Skins – Super Heroes

There have been a number of skins added into the game as well as a whole host of other items including the new addition of sprays. Here is the screenshots of all the new skins that you can unlock it the 100 tiered battle pass. The battle pass also costs 950 V-Bucks. If you were smart you would have saved your V-bucks that you earned from last season. If you are me you would have spent them all on the Bunny suit a few days ago.

Tier 1


Heed the call to action.
Part of the Carbide set.


Swoop in and claim victory.
Part fo the Advanced Forces set.

Tier 23


Spray up a storm.
Part of the Aerosol Assassins set.

Tier 47


Candy-coated chaos.
Part of the Sweet Tooth set.

Tier 71


A beacon for hope.
Part of the Valiant set.

Tier 87

Squad Leader

First in, last out.
Part of the Advanced Forces set.

Tier 100


There can only be one.
Part of the Omega set.

Here is the full update for season 4:

YouTube video

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