Among Us Is Crossing Over With Another Indie Game

The Among Us Crewmate has made its way to indie samurai platform fighter Samurai Gunn 2 as a guest character.

There’s been a lot of big platform fighter news this year. One of the most surprising was a Super Smash Bros. Melee inspired game with Nickelodeon characters. Warners Bros. also announced its own take on the platform fighter with Multiversus. And of course it’s impossible to forget that Sora officially joined the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster earlier this year.

Now, the Among Us Crewmate has joined Samurai Gunn 2, the latest character to join the sword wielding, gun toting fighting game.

YouTube video

If you haven’t heard of Samurai Gunn 2, it’s a fast paced platform fighter where you die in one hit. Each character has a sword and a gun, for ranged attacks and close combat. Battles move quickly, and every fighter has unique melee and ranged abilities. And the Crewmate has a few unique traits up its sleeve. 

The Crewmate can place vents in two places to instantly warp from one place to the next. And their version of the gun attack is throwing trash. If you place two vents facing each other vertically, and throw trash, you can create an infinite loop as a little trap.

They join other guest characters, Minit from, well, Minit and Ana from Spelunky 2. According to the announcement trailer, more friends will be joining Samurai Gunn 2 at some point along the way too.

Samurai Gunn 2 is currently in early access on Steam, and will also be coming to Nintendo Switch when it launches fully.

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Featured Image Credit: Innersloth/ Scrambler