Amouranth Has Revealed She Is Leaving Twitch And Moving To Kick

With Twitch making headlines again recently, one of its top-earners Amouranth has revealed she is leaving the platform. 

Last week saw Twitch announce the Partner Plus program which would change the current 50/50 revenue split to 70/30. Although this sounded like an amazing update at first, it was soon discovered that only 2.5% of streamers would be eligible.

As a result, a bunch of high-earning Twitch streamers announced that they would be making the move to rival streaming site, Kick. Launching in 2021, Kick not only offers its creators a higher revenue but it also has less strict guidelines.

Due to this, it has become the home to many streamers who have been previously banned from Twitch.

Now it seems as though Amouranth will also be making the move.

Kick is the rival streaming service making headlines

Amouranth Has Revealed She Is Leaving Twitch 

According to Dexerto, Amouranth is the latest content creator set to make her Kick debut. With over 6.4 million Twitch followers, this is a big step. 

However, with news that fellow streamer Félix ‘xQc’ Lengyel recently made a $100 million deal with Kick, it seems as though Amouranth wants to follow suit. 

The streamer made the announcement she was leaving Twitch via a tongue-in-cheek video posted to Twitter. With the title ‘IT’S TIME’, the video shows her reading about the news of xQc’s million dollar deal.

She then seemingly calls her agent before the scene cuts to her taking her inflatables (featured in her famous hot tub streams) and dumping them outside. 

The screen then fades to black with just the words ‘KICK’ followed by her new Kick URL. 

Unlike xQc’s deal, we are yet unsure how much Amouranth was offered to make the switch. However, with a following as large as hers, we can assume it was an eye-watering amount. 

The Future of Twitch

With many high-earning creators leaving Twitch in favour of Kick, Twitch will really have to make some changes in order to keep their platform alive. How they will handle it remains to be seen. 

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