Apex Legends player count reaches all-time high

Apex Legends player count has hit an all time record on Steam thanks to its newest game mode, Team Deathmatch. 

It has been revealed that Apex has beaten its previous record by 100,000 players and now sits at a peak of 624,473. This was reported by Kotaku and recorded by SteamDB. This reveals that the battle-royale game is reaching new highs with the inclusion of this new mode released in its current season, Revelry. 

Credit: Press Start

This is a massive increase as the game sat at a peak of 510,000 concurrent players back in August 2022. Plenty of changes come with the new season, including Team Deathmatch replacing the original Arena mode. Players had called for this mode since Apex Legends was released back in 2019. The fast-paced mode is perfect for those who don’t want the full battle royale experience.

Apex Legends player count – New changes are the cause

Season 16’s Revelry also introduced a new class system that organises legends into different categories: Assault, Skirmisher, Recon, Controller and Support. Furthermore, a new energy class assault rifle known as the Nemesis was added to the game’s large arsenal. Although there was no new character released this season, fans are feeling optimistic with the current changes. 

New Heirloom?

This news also comes after a recent leak revealed that Ash may be the next legend to receive an heirloom. An heirloom is an in-game cosmetic that replaces the legend’s melee weapons. Wraith was the first to receive one and it now looks like Ash will be next. This was revealed after Apex Legend’s content creator, KralRindo hinted at the news. 

Although this is exciting news for Ash fans, there is still no news as to when the heirloom will be released or what it will be. However, some fans are set to be disappointed as older legends such as Horizon and Fuse are yet to receive theirs. 

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