Apex Legends Sun Squad Event – everything you need to know

Apex Legends have just announced their upcoming collection event titled ‘Sun Squad.’ Here’s everything we know about the blazing event that arrives on March 28.

Apex Legends never does things by half and this time is no exception. With the announcement of their Sun Squad collection event, fans can expect a new game mode, new cosmetics and even a new heirloom for one lucky legend. 


The Sun Squad event is introducing a limited time game mode titled ‘Heatwave.’ With all the usual rules of trio gameplay, the main difference is that the sun now hurts. When a heatwave engulfs the map, players must avoid taking damage by taking cover indoors or under objects.

If you are caught by the sun out in the open, sliding can cool you down slightly until you’re able to find cover. Additionally, you can also equip heat shields that now have a larger radius but will be destroyed quickly when used outside the Ring.

Finally, care packages can now drop some interesting items that will also help you beat the heat. If you’ve ever wanted to see Pathfinder in a pair of sunglasses, now is your moment.


This new event will feature a whopping 24 limited-time cosmetics, including legendary skins for Ash, Fuse, Mirage and more! These items will be purchasable through Apex coins or Crafting Materials. 

Additionally, you can also find them in Sun Squad Collection Event Apex Packs that are available throughout the event.

Screenshot of Ash's heirloom which will be available through the Apex Legends Sun Squad event
Credit: Apex Legends

As mentioned, a new heirloom is up for grabs. This time sees Ash receive the ‘Strongest Link’ heirloom which can become available by unlocking the 24 limited-time cosmetics throughout the event. 

Patch Notes

With a new event comes new patch notes. Here is what will see some changes:

  • EVA-8 enters the replicator
  • 30-30 Repeater enters the replicator
  • Longbow DMR returns to the floor
  • Volt SMG returns to the floor

Additionally, you can go to the official Event page to see what quality of life improvements they will be adding as well as slight changes to Ash’s kit.

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