Apple Is Reportedly Working On A Very Expensive VR Headset

Apple is reportedly working on a very expensive VR headset, according to a new report by Bloomberg.

man in vr headset
Credit: Pixabay

Apple may be slightly late to the VR party, but according to “people with knowledge of the matter”, the company is developing a headset that will be both ambitious and pricey. 

While Apple is known for its consumer-level tech, the headset is reportedly going to be “niche”, with the company expecting to sell as little as 200,000 units per year. This also apparently equates to one headset, per store, per day, which seems like an incredibly small number of sales.

Credit: Unsplash/@ishant_mishra54

Some of the details revealed on the unannounced project are to be expected, such as the device utilising batteries. What might come as a shock however is that the device may be standalone, not relying on any other hardware to run, such as an iPhone or iMac.

The tech inside the headset is supposedly very impressive. Apple is apparently considering using something that could rival its own M1 Macbook processor, which is wildly powerful. This marries up with reports that the device will also feature a fan (via The Verge).

image of laptop
Credit: Pixabay

As for the headset itself, Apple allegedly plans to construct its exterior using fabric, to reduce its weight. Hopefully, the device doesn’t feel like you’ve got a Macbook strapped to your face, otherwise, we’re going to have some problems here.

The headset will also potentially dabble with AR features, with some prototypes using external cameras. This is apparently so Apple can test features such as a virtual keyboard and hand tracking, presumably so the device can be used like a PC.

man in vr headset
Credit: Unsplash/@minhphamdesign

The device is also reported to launch as soon as 2022, which is sure to get Apple enthusiasts excited. While it’s hard to tell at this point exactly what the final product will be like, Apple seems to be taking a “go hard or go home” approach to VR.

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Featured Image Credit: Apple/Unsplash:@minhphamdesign