Awesome Games Done Quick Raises A Huge $2.3 Million For Charity

If you haven’t ever tuned into a Games Done Quick marathon then you need to buck up, because it’s quickly becoming one of the biggest events in the world of speedrunning – and gaming for charity.

Games Done Quick streams some of the best speedrunners in the world playing beloved games to raise money for those in need, and the 2019 Awesome Games Done Quick event has set a new record.

Credit: Games Done Quick/Twitter

The annual event this year has raised a total of $2.39m for Prevent Cancer Foundation which is a charity “dedicated to cancer prevention and early detection”.

The jaw-droppingly impressive figure was raised by over 45,000 people from around the world, with 2,200 people appearing in-person to view the event in Maryland and a peak of nearly 220,000 people tuning into the Twitch stream [via Eurogamer].

Credit: Games Done Quick/Twitter


Not only did this Awesome Games Done Quick beat last year’s total funds raised by around $100k, it also broke two world records: Mega Man Zero 2 in hard mode (any percent) along with a two-player co-op run of the A episodes in N++.

YouTube video

If you missed out on Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 then don’t worry – Summer Games Done Quick will be taking place in summer, running from 23rd-30th June.

Credit: Games Done Quick/Twitter

Did you tune into the stream?