Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode Will Be Different to all other Battle Royales

It was announced during E3 2018 that Battlefield V will be getting a Battle Royale mode. However, at the time, EA kept very quiet about the mode.

Even today, we still know very little about Battlefield V’s Battle Royale mode. There are a few bits of information floating around, but we’re still waiting for a more in-depth reveal from EA.

For now, I’ve managed to gather up all of the information shared from EA, as well as some small snippets of information based on what we know about Battlefield V’s base game, to paint a picture of what we can expect from the new mode.

The new mode will be called ‘Royale’

It has been confirmed by EA that the new Battle Royale mode for Battlefield V will simply be called ‘Royale’. This fits in with the other mode names seen in Battlefield games, such as Clash, Conquest, and Domination.

Unfortunately, the Royale name gives us very little information about what we can expect from the game mode.

Expect vehicles and destruction

In true Battlefield style, the Royale mode in Battlefield V will have vehicles and open world destruction.

We’re not yet sure whether these elements will play an integral role in the progression of a round of Royale, but we know that they’ll be there.

It could be possible that as the game progresses, more destruction is caused on the map, potentially changing how players can interact with the game world.

Alternatively, we may just have a ‘gas field’ or something similar that closes in on a smaller area as the game progresses. This system is used in every other Battle Royale game so far. Whilst it’s not very immersive, it certainly plays its part.

Vehicles in Battlefield are often equipped with heavy weaponry and it seems likely that the vehicles in Battlefield V’s Royale mode will be the same.

We’re not sure how that will roll into the balancing of the game mode. Only time will tell.

In most Battle Royale games, players start with absolutely nothing and must search for weapons and gear. If this is the case with Royale, we’d expect the more powerful vehicles to be rare to find.

Team play will play an important part

EA mentioned that team play will be important in Royale. Team play has always been an important part in Battlefield. For the most part though, that means large team vs team fighting.

We know that in Battlefield V, smaller squads will play a very vital role in contributing to the team as a whole, so maybe these smaller squad mechanics will be present in Battlefield V’s Royale mode.

We know that Battlefield has a class based system, so maybe players will need to work together to cover all classes. The support class could, for example, build reinforcements, whilst the medic could be an important part in keeping the team healed up.

Medical supplies have always been an important part in battle royale games – as you engage in more fights, it’s inevitable that you’ll get damaged. But will medical supplies be present as a loot item in Battlefield V or will this be a job for the medic?

Bleeding out will be in the game

We know that bleeding out will be a thing in Battlefield V. It makes sense that it’ll be present in Royale, too.

In other Battle Royale games, players get knocked into a down-but-not-out state. During this state, players can be revived by their teammates.

The ‘bleeding out’ status will essentially be Battlefield V’s DBNO state. Every team member can revive their bleeding out friends, so whilst medic players may get more benefits for keeping their squad mates healed up, you won’t be put into a difficult situation if your medic is killed off.

Battlefield V’s Royale will get a lot of love

I think that there’s a bit of a misunderstanding about the Royale mode for Battlefield V. Many people think that DICE are throwing it in just to cater to the recent explosion of Fortnite players.

I personally think that a lot more love and care has gone into Royale. I think that if any first person shooter game were to get a Battle Royale game, Battlefield would be the best candidate.

Battlefield is already a game designed specifically for large open scale warfare. The Battlefield engine can comfortably deal with 64 players at once, so this won’t present itself as an issue during Royale mode.

I also think that there will be some unique twists coming to Royale. I have no idea what they will be, but DICE certainly wants to make Royale a game mode that has as much of a lifespan and replayability as standalone Battle Royale games like Fortnite and PUBG do.

DICE specifically said that Royale will “Be unlike anything you’ve played before.” Obviously, that statement may be a little far-fetched. Regardless, this statement suggests that DICE are very confident they have something special on their hands here.

More details will be shared before Battlefield V’s release

The information I’ve shared so far is quite vague. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more information about Battlefield V’s Royale mode yet.

We do know that EA is planning to show more details about Royale later this year. We’re not sure when, but we can be expecting some kind of announcement or video to further explain Royale mode.

Considering that Battlefield V will be launching on October 19, it makes sense that it won’t be long before EA tells us more about the Battle Royale mode.

There are only four months left before the launch of October, so that means we should get to see more about Royale within the next few months.


In summary, I think that we should be excited about the new Royale mode in Battlefield. I know that it’s easy to feel frustrated about just how many Battle Royale games are being pushed out, but this iteration from DICE and EA feels like it could be a great addition to what Battlefield V has to offer.

With Royale, Grand Operations, Tides of War, Combined Arms, War Stories, and all of the classic Battlefield multiplayer modes, Battlefield V is shaping up to be one of the most feature-packed games in the franchise yet.

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