BBC Radio 5 Live announce Bugzy Malone Grandest Game podcast

BBC Radio 5 Live has announced a podcast series starring British rapper Bugzy Malone revealing his life experiences compared to GTA.

In the seven-part series, rapper and songwriter Bugzy Malone shares experiences of his gang life growing up in Manchester. Moreover, how it’s depicted in the ever-popular Rockstar Games series.

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Bugzy Malone is a lifelong fan of GTA

Joined by BBC Radio 5 Live’s Chris Warburton, the Grand Theft Auto series will be explored throughout its 25-year history. Furthermore, the duo will explore the original PC and PlayStation classic of 1997. Not to mention its highly anticipated 6th mainline entry

The GTA series is one of the most popular video games of all time with over 385 million copies sold worldwide. However, that is only going to increase when Grand Theft Auto 6 finally arrives. 

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Often a satirical reflection of real life, the GTA series is not without its controversy with its graphic violence, sex, drugs and a little bit of rock and roll.

When I was growing up, Grand Theft Auto allowed me to immerse myself into a high-energy world and allowed me a freedom I didn’t always have on a day-to-day basis,” said Bugzy.

Gaming is an experience like no other

It is a gaming experience like no other and I know that feeling is shared by millions of its fans,” he continued. “Getting a chance to understand the craft that has gone into making the series through the last 25 years is really exciting, and I’m really looking forward to sharing the story with you.

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Credit: Rockstar Games

I’ve loved Grand Theft Auto from the very first time I played the original game,” added Chris Warburton. “It was truly revolutionary and it’s incredible to think that, quarter of a century later, I still put GTA on all the time.

What gets me as a journalist is the story behind it and how one company, and one game, changed the entertainment world forever.

As fans wait for the release of GTA6, I’m so excited to be joining up with one of Britain’s biggest rappers, Bugzy Malone, to take you through the story of a global phenomenon which helped define a generation.

When will the Bugzy Malone podcast premiere?

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Credit: BBC

The “Bugzy Malone’s Grandest Game” podcast series will premiere on BBC Radio Live 5 on Tuesday, November 15th. It will also be available via BBC Sounds.

Back in February 2022, Rockstar Games announced that Grand Theft Auto 6 is in development. However, at the time of writing, GTA 6 does not have a release date.

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