Be Careful, Pokemon Legends Arceus Spoilers Are In The Wild

Some gamers have their hands on Pokemon Legends Arceus. Furthermore, it has already been datamined and leaks are in the wild.

As reported by Nintendo Life, screenshots, as well as information on the story and gameplay, have started appearing across social media. It seems that some distributors dispatched copies of Pokemon Legends Arceus early and even sale listings have also appeared on selling websites such as eBay.

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However, it gets worse. Now that copies have been available to some gamers for a number of days, Pokemon Legends Arceus has also been datamined. Which means that it will be increasingly difficult to avoid spoilers. Though we can promise we’ll share no spoilers on GameByte.

No spoilers here!

pokemon legends arceus
Credit: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company

In a follow-up article from Nintendo Life, gameplay has appeared on major websites such as Reddit, ResetEra, as well as Facebook and Twitter. Video games journalist Laura Kate Dale shared that information such as Pokemon evolution forms, shinnies and more have leaked.

Thankfully, there is some helpful leaked information out in the wild, such as the Pokemon Legends Arceus file size. The file size for the latest Pokemon instalment comes in at a mere 6GB. So at least we can prepare by freeing up any required storage space if needs be.

Though just to be safe, as Laura Kate Dale says, it might be worth muting keywords related to the latest Pokemon game on your favourite social media channels. Pokemon Legends Arceus will be released for the Nintendo Switch on January 28th.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo/The Pokemon Company