Belle Delphine Is Now Selling $10 ‘GamerGirl Condoms’

Internet star Belle Delphine is back and showing off her entrepreneurial skills following on from last year’s GamerGirl bathwater stunt. The OnlyFans celebrity recently revealed her latest product idea: GamerGirl condoms.


The $10 USD condoms (that’s PER condom) were revealed in a YouTube video entitled “eat my *ss.” Of course, they sold out instantly, because that’s just what life is right now.

Bearing the description: “Pink lubed latex condoms for when you have the urge to ‘rise up’ ^_-‘” the $10 condoms are definitely cheaper and I suppose more functional than Delphine’s $30 bottled bathwater, which she sold to fans last year.


She took to Twitter to share the product, teasing: “If you’re watching this video you’ll never need them anyway.”

It’s not clear if Delphine will be restocking the now-sold out condoms, but at $10 a pop (plus $3 shipping) it’s hard to imagine this is a cash cow she’ll ignore. If you want to get lucky, you can find them here.

In case you forgot, the cosplayer/influence last year hit the headlines after selling her own bathwater for $30 a pop. The small bottles of dirty water were up for sale on Belle’s store, and just like the condoms, sold out almost instantly.

In the advertising materials for the water, Belle could be seen spitting into the water, and dipping her butt into it. The item description read: “Bottled while I’m playing in the bath ^-^  This really is bath water.. disclaimer: This water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.”

There was some dispute over whether or not selling dirty bathwater is legal and/or ethical, but it’s still not all too clear whether or not the bathwater was legit or not.

At least condoms are more functional, though I’d want to know more about the manufacturing process and their safety before using one.

YouTube video

Featured Image Credit: Belle Delphine