Bioshock 4 Is Reportedly In ‘Development Hell’ According To Leaks

The currently unannounced Bioshock 4 is reportedly in “development hell” with no signs of arriving any time soon. Here’s everything we know.

What we know about Bioshock 4, reportedly named ‘Bioshock Isolation’, has surfaced purely thanks to internet sleuths. With no official announcement or release date, it is starting to feel like a pipe dream. Unfortunately, it shows no signs of improvement thanks to recent leaks.

Bioshock 4 Is Reportedly In ‘Development Hell’ 

‘Bioshock Isolation’ is reportedly the fourth instalment in the much-loved Bioshock series. With the previous titles taking place in an underwater city and a city in the clouds, Bioshock 4 is rumoured to be set in 1960s Antarctica. 

Despite a small handful of leaked information, there has been no information lately leading some to speculate it isn’t even happening at all. However, according to Twitter user Oops Leaks, the game is in development but it isn’t looking good. 

“The new Bioshock is in development hell. Despite a complete change in development leadership, the Bioshock series is still haunted by the curse of problematic development,” they report.

Not off to a good start

This is perhaps unsurprising as ‘Bioshock Isolation’ has reportedly already suffered from changing developers as well as multiple scripts. 

Oops Leaks went on to say that it was taking place in a “highly disorganised” work structure. Additionally, “the studio has a significant number of employees without any visible experience” and the narrative team are reportedly “unable to write a script worthy of a renowned franchise.” 

It is also rumoured that Bioshock 4 was “rebooted for the fourth time” in 2022. We can only speculate as to what is going on right now but it looks like we unfortunately won’t be receiving a sequel any time soon. 

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