Black Widow 2 Will Feature Daredevil, Claims New Leak

The Kate Shortland Black Widow movie isn’t even out yet, but the latest leaks suggest the Marvel Cinematic Universe is already preparing to kick ass with a potential sequel and the return of a pretty major player to the MCU.

Following his fan-favourite turn as Matt Murdock, aka Daredevil, in Netflix’s series of the same name, the rumour mill claims Charlie Cox could stick on a pair of red shades and pop up in Black Widow 2.

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Following Daredevil‘s unceremonious axing by Netflix, YouTube account Lords of the Long Box claims Marvel bosses are impressed with how Black Widow has turned out and are planning an all-star sequel.

The leaks maintain that Florence Pugh will be back as Yelena Belova and presumably take the mantle of Black Widow following Natasha Romanoff’s Avengers: Endgame death. If this is the case, expect Pugh to have a bright future with the franchise and presumably form part of the revamped Avengers roster.

That being said, there are still those that think we could see ScarJo reprise her role as the PVC-clad hero further down the line. Who knows, Robert Downey Jr.’s Black Widow could somehow tie into Nat’s rise from the grave and return to the land of the living?

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However, it’s the Daredevil news that’s the real pull here. Earlier this year, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige hinted that we hadn’t seen the last of Cox. During an interview with BET, Feige was asked if/when we could see the likes of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and the rest of the Defenders again.

I don’t know,” he admitted. “There were a lot of great characters that were on those Netflix series, and I think there is a period of time…it’ll be a while before we could use any of them based on what the contracts were, so I’m not sure.”

Various sites have reported that the contracts of the show’s actors would cause a bit of a delay. With Netflix stipulating anywhere between 18 months to two years before Mickey can get his gloved hands on the Daredevil, fans always knew there would be a bit of a wait.

Feige teases that it will be a while before we see the Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, and Finn Jones suit up again. At least he isn’t saying he’s completely done with the Netflix alumi — hinting that he won’t reboot.

As it stands, we’re coming up with a whole host of theories on how Daredevil can make his mark on the movie world of the MCU. Tom Holland is thankfully sticking around as Spider-Man, meaning Murdock could come in handy for a Spider-Man: Far From Home sequel.

Charlie Cox Daredevil
Credit: Netflix

Jon Watt’s movie rounded off with Peter Parker’s identity being exposed to the world. If Spidey needs a lawyer in the next movie, I can think of no one better than Daredevil.

If the leaks are to be believed though, we’ve still got a hell of a wait before we see him again. Black Widow isn’t out until next year, meaning a sequel wouldn’t arrive until 2022 at the earliest. That’s before we even get to the MCU’s already packed Phase 4 slate AND the fact we don’t even know how well Black Widow will fared at the box office. Much like Daredevil himself, we’re left in the dark for now.

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