Breath Of The Wild Player Discovers Master Sword Can Actually Solve Puzzles

A Breath of the Wild player has discovered that the beam attack from the Master Sword has a bit more versatility than they thought.

Another day, another story about Breath of the Wild letting you do something you didn’t know you could do. It’s ridiculous that we’re five years into playing this game, and there’s still little tricks being uncovered by players.

This time, it’s a bit of functionality the Master Sword has that surprised one Breath of the Wild player. In a video posted to the Zelda subreddit, user Wasserhead showed off how you can use the Master Sword’s beam attack to hit far away buttons. 

The video shows Wasserhead in one of the DLC shrines. And there’s a button far away that you’d need to use something like a bow and arrow to hit. But Wasserhead clearly thought to try out the Master Sword beam, and found that it does in fact activate the button. It’s just a small thing, but it certainly makes things a bit easier. As arrows are normally in limited supply. But as long as you have the Master Sword and a full set of hearts, you’ve got infinite beam attacks.

It seems that a number of other players in the thread also didn’t realise you could do this. One user said “It’s amazing that to this day, I’m still learning new things you can do in Breath of the Wild.” Another user didn’t even realise the Master Sword had a beam attack. Which will obviously be the biggest bit of news for them.

Who knows if there is anything left to find in Breath of the Wild at this point. But with the sequel supposedly coming out in Spring next year, there’s plenty more to discover in Hyrule to come.

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Featured Image Credit: Nintendo