Brooklyn Nine-Nine Season 7 ‘Coming January 2020’


Credit: NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans are in for a treat, as apparently season seven is due to land on screens about January 2020.

Before it was saved by NBC, when the show would originally be released by Fox, we’d see it land on screens about between May-September each year. However, following it’s release last year on 16th January, it’s very likely that the new season will be dropping at the exact same time.

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Credit: NBC

While there is no official confirmation of an actual date yet, it is speculated by many publications that the show will stick to NBC’s Thursday Night Comedy line-up (which premieres in January).

It’s also likely that we’ll get an official confirmation from NBC about the concrete release date in November, as that is the time we were informed about season six last year.

Credit: NBC

Brooklyn Nine-Nine was officially signed off for a season seven after season six (which wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for NBC) premiered so well.


“It’s been one of our great joys as a network to give Brooklyn Nine-Nine a second life,” said Lisa Katz and Tracey Pakosta, Co-Presidents of Scripted Programming, NBC Entertainment. “Cheers to Dan Goor, Mike Schur, Luke Del Tredici and David Miner, and our amazing cast and crew who each week turn New York’s finest into New York’s funniest.” 

Credit: NBC

Recently, Terry Crews talked more about the “complete role reversal” during an interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“Andre Braugher is an officer, he’s not a captain. I am the lieutenant, I am in his office. It’s so bizarre, I still don’t feel like it’s mine,” Crews told EW about his character, Terry Jeffords. “We love to turn things on its ear. It’s so wild because we’re all changing and growing.”

Credit: NBC

Other cast members also claimed that it’s very likely that the upcoming season will include a Heist, and that they are bringing back the Jimmy Jab games for season seven. Amazing.

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