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The Caelid region in Elden Ring is home to the Caelem Ruins boss, a duo of Mad Pumpkin Heads. We’ve got the details on how to take them down, but how do players get there in the first place?

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Let’s get straight into how to get to the Caelem Ruins boss, what other enemies call the ruins home and other handy information:

Caelem Ruins Boss Location

Players simply need to make their way to the Caelid Highway on its west side, as seen above. Follow the highway until it stands to curve south; this is also the point where Caelem Ruins can be found. make sure to keep an eye out for the ruins on the highway as it cuts straight through them.

Caelem Ruins Boss

head for the Eastern side of the ruins near the duo of Flame Chariots to find a flight of stairs leading underground to the Mad Pumpkin Head Duo boss fight.

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Items – Caelem Ruins Boss

  • 2x Smouldering Butterfly: Found on the corpse in the larger rubble area of Caelem Ruins.
  • Visage Shield: Found east of Caelem Ruins in the underground area following the defeat of the Mad Pumpkin Head Duo, guarding the containing room and chest.


Flame Chariot

Operated by a Fire Monk driver, this fire breathing vehicle is designed to look like a Fire Giant’s face. A plunge attack will instantly destroy a fiery chariot exploding and damaging nearby enemies.

Going behind a Flame Chariot will reveal the Fire Monk driver who can be backstabbed. It’s an excellent tactic to quickly immobilise Flame Chariots and deal heavy damage. Fighting on horseback will be a smart move when thinking about dodging flames and getting to the Fire Monk quickly.

Be cautious of the two Fire Chariot variants too. The standard one cannon version is alongside a triple cannon effort with side flamethrowers. A plunge attack might not be the best idea with the latter unless attacking from above.

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Putrid Corpse

Usually found around catacombs and large graves, Caelem Ruins is a perfect habitat for Elden Rings’s take on zombies. There are a few variants as Putrid Corpses adapting to their lethal surroundings. Soaking up poison from toxic water pools is a prime example.

Whilst players shouldn’t worry too much about them; it’s best to try and keep distance and finish them off quickly to avoid any status damage. These particular Putrid Corpses are on fire and explode near players, so trying to down them from a distance is a solid game plan.

Mad Pumpkin Head Duo – Caelem Ruins Boss

Caelem Ruins Boss

This towering field boss has been doubled up for Caelem Ruins. They are ultimately optional in Elden Ring to complete the main quest by Rocking massive weapons and pumpkin-shaped helmets.

It’s best to not aim for the head due to a boosted armour rating in the area; hit from behind where possible to avoid doing this. Mad Pumpkin Heads can also be poise broken and make room for critical hits, but using Lone Wolf Ashes will help stagger.

It’s best to wait for mad Pumpkin Head to reposition after laying out a series of slow, heavy attacks. This would be the best time to dodge behind and attack its unprotected backside.

For ranged and magical attacks, it’s best to use spirit Ashes to distract it, then aim all attacks at the rear of Mad Pumpkin Head. It’s a waste of time trying to launch any kind of frontal assault on this boss duo.

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