Call Of Duty 2021 Title Has Reportedly Leaked

Just as you’d expect, 2021 is set to close with the release of another Call of Duty Game. Thanks to a recent leak, it’s now believed that the game will be developed by Sledgehammer Games and is called “Call of Duty: Guerrilla Warfare” [via Gamingbible].

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Credit: Activision

The leak is thanks to CoD insider Tom Henderson, who decided to play a game of catchphrase using Twitter. Check out the hint below.

Monkey Marines? Ape Assult? Nope. It’s Guerrilla Warfare, although I long for a world where either of those other games exist. These cryptic tweets might seem a little silly, but they’re from a reliable source.

Henderson also previously claimed that the next COD would be handed to Sledgehammer Games, a studio that hasn’t made a Call of Duty game since 2017. These rumours have since been backed up by TheGamingRevolution, another industry insider.

Just like with the monkey gunman picture puzzle, TheGamingRevolution is playing the same game as Henderson when it comes to cryptic clues. Responding to a HHH sledgehammer GIF, TheGamingRevolution chose a 1950s housewife, which could be a clue to when the next CoD is set. Of course, both insiders avoid explicitly stating anything about the new CoD game, but a picture can speak a thousand words. 

Credit: Activision

In addition to these rumours, an eagle-eyed Redditor named NahuChurch managed to spot another leak before its deletion. The leak initially spouted from ModernWarzone and validated claims that the next CoD would be set in the 50s. The leak also said the game would feature guerrilla warfare, which suggests the plot might occur during the Korean War.

When it comes to announcements, Activision is like clockwork. The publisher typically holds off until May when unveiling its next CoD outing, so it might be best to just wait until then before getting your hopes up.

Are you looking forward to Call of Duty 2021?

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Featured Image Credit: Activision