Check Out This Cool LEGO PS5 And Xbox Series X

An avid LEGO builder and gamer has created a LEGO brick version of the PS5 and Xbox Series X consoles.

The creative LEGO builder, who goes by the online handle of ‘BrickinNick’, posted both consoles to the LEGO Ideas website. The PS5 was posted on December 24th, whilst the Xbox was posted earlier this week on January 6th.

You can take a look at both builds in their magnificent glory below.

You gotta be brickin’ me

Both the PS5 and Xbox Series X LEGO builds are built to a 1:1 scale with all the buttons, ports and slots found exactly where you’d expect them to be. If you’re struggling to find a real new-gen console out in the wild, perhaps a faithful recreation might be the next best thing!

For the unaware, LEGO Ideas is a website where creators’ builds are voted on by the community for a chance to become official sets sold in stores. Previous successful LEGO Ideas releases include The Flintstones, The Office, and – my personal favourite which is on my desk right now – Seinfeld.

For BrickinNick’s sets to become a reality, the projects need 10,000 votes from the community to be eligible for review. If successful, they’ll be sold in stores all across the world. On the other hand, if it fails to reach enough interest within the time limit, it won’t be considered.

If you want to support both projects you can check out the LEGO PS5 and LEGO Xbox Series X right here. Who knows, perhaps BrickinNick’s next idea might be a LEGO Series S! That would be adorable.


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Featured Image Credit: BrickinNick