Chris Hemsworth Will Play Thor ‘For As Long As They’ll Have Me’

Chris Hemsworth has said that he will continue to play the “God of Thunder” Thor “as long as they’ll have me,” beyond 2023.

Thor is one of the Marvel Cinematic Universe OGs along with Iron Man, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, and Hulk. However, some of these characters have been retired from the franchise. This concept alone might be enough for fans to worry about the God of Thunder’s future.

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In terms of what’s coming, Thor returns in Love & Thunder in 2022 and Guardians of the Galaxy vol.3 in 2023. But what comes after, is that the end for Thor? In truth, it’s unlikely to be his end, and no doubt Thor will be ever-present in the Avengers for a few more years to come.

However, nothing in life is guaranteed, especially in the MCU. Yet, when speaking to Australia’s ‘The Today Show’ Hemsworth was asked about the future of Thor, he replied: “As long as they’ll have me, I’ll turn up, but I feel like there might be waning, that kind of enthusiasm.

Surely no one else can play Thor?

I mean, as long as Chris Hemsworth is willing to play Thor and as long as Marvel will cast him, why wouldn’t they keep him in the iconic role. After all he’s only 38, he still looks young and, as my wife would agree, he looks great. Also, at this stage in the MCU, could we really see anyone else playing the God of Thunder?

Credit: Marvel/Disney

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Featured Image Credit: Marvel Studios/Disney