Final Citizen Sleeper DLC – What We Know

With the final Citizen Sleeper DLC fast approaching, here is everything we know about the last addition to the popular TTRPG. 

Released last year, Citizen Sleeper became a quick hit. Set on an abandoned space station, you as a sleeper must navigate your way around a lawless ship. With the ability to explore, make friends and choose every step via a dice roll, Citizen Sleeper is the perfect game to sink hours in.

The final Citizen Sleeper DLC

Now March 30 will see the release of the third and final Citizen Sleeper DLC. Not only will this add additional content to the game but it will also be free to all players. 

Additionally, this DLC arrives the day before the game arrives to PlayStation consoles on March 31. 

Titled Episode: Purge, this addition follows Flux and Refuge as well as revealing additional information about Erlin’s Eye. It will all end with you having to make your final, and most important choice. 

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Coming to PlayStation

As mentioned, Citizen Sleeper will soon arrive on PlayStation 4 and 5. Furthermore, the game will launch for these consoles with the three DLC episodes accompanying the base game.

In a PlayStation blog post, solo developer Gareth Damian Martin spoke about the game’s success.

“It’s been a wild ride since the release last May, and I have been blown away by the support, positive press and award nominations alike. As a longtime PlayStation player, I’m so happy to finally bring the game, complete with all its DLC to both PS4 and PS5.”

“That’s what’s at the heart of Citizen Sleeper—building a life and community in a sci-fi world that feels human and emotionally impactful.” Martin continued. “I hope you’ll give the game a shot on March 31st and join the 500,000 and counting who have already made a life on The Eye.”

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