Control Ultimate Edition Is One Of PS5’s Best Games

Control Ultimate Edition from Remedy Entertainment is out now and by most accounts, it’s quite possibly one of the most impressive PS5 games yet.

On Reddit gamers have been praising how great Control looks and plays on PlayStation 5, especially when compared to its PS4 counterpart. Already it’s being hailed as one of the best visual experiences on PS5.

OMG Control on the PS5 looks incredible! Especially with the ray tracing and control support, just WOW!” said Reddit user PeacefulAnxiety.

However, as impressive as Control looks with ray tracing enabled, the Reddit thread was also full of praise for the game when being played in Performance Mode.

It just plays so so much better at 60 fps that I could never do the graphics mode. Aiming is worlds improved at 60,” said a Reddit user in reply to the thread.

Praise for Control Ultimate Edition on PlayStation 5 was also making the rounds on Twitter.

Control Ultimate Edition gave me my first true “wow” moment with a game on PS5,” said Jenae Sitzes of GameSpot in a tweet.

Sitzes continued: “Granted, I’m comparing it to my first playthrough on a base PS4, but I’m still blown away by how stunning and smooth it is (I’m playing in performance mode).

Played Control all day and got the plat for PS5. I didn’t even do that for the original” said an Air Force veteran on Twitter.

In Control Ultimate Edition you have the choice of playing the game in Performance Mode that runs at a smooth 60fps or Graphics Mode which locks the framerate at 30fps, but raises the graphics fidelity and enables ray tracing.

Control on PS5 and Xbox Series X Control renders at a native 1440p resolution with 4K upsampling. However the Xbox Series S version of Control only has Performance Mode, with no ray tracing features and renders at a native 900p with a 1080p output with no dynamic resolution.

The loading times of Control Ultimate Edition are also a joy to behold on the latest Sony console. GameSpot recently made a very helpful video that compares the loading times of the PS5, PS4 Pro and base PS4 version.

In the video, from the moment Control Ultimate Edition booted up, it took the base PS4 version just over a minute to load to the main screen, the PS4 Pro took 54 seconds but the PS5 only took just under eight seconds to load up. Check it out below.

YouTube video

Even though the overall opinion is that Performance Mode at 60fps is the best way to enjoy Control, tech experts Digital Foundry described the Graphics Mode which enables ray tracing as “dazzling.”

The RT horsepower in the new consoles isn’t enough to deliver the full array of PC’s ray tracing features but you are getting the best bang for the buck with RT reflections on opaque surfaces – like marble, metals and anything that is remotely shiny – as well as transparent reflections for glass,” said Digital Foundry.

However it’s not all plain sailing for Control Ultimate Edition on new-gen consoles. Matt Gardner of Forbes has reported that during his 12-hour replay of Control on Xbox Series X, the game crashed on him a total of 16 times.

During my 12-hour replay of the game on XSX, it crashed not once, or twice, but 16 times. Just as you’ve watched a cut-scene, popped an achievement, overcome a major plot point, or simply readjusted your mods, you’ll find yourself pushed back onto the dashboard,” said the Senior Contributor at Forbes.

control game
Credit: Remedy Entertainment

All in all however, it seems that Control Ultimate Edition is an excellent new-gen port on PS5 and Xbox Series X. The best news? Until March 1st 2021, Control Ultimate Edition is free* for PS Plus subscribers, so if you’re keen to try it out, now’s your chance.

Have you been playing Control on new-gen consoles? If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts on the game across our social media channels. You can pick up a copy of Control Ultimate Edition from the GameByte Shop today.

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Featured Image Credit: Remedy Entertainment