Crash Team Rumble release date and beta access

For fans of Crash Bandicoot, Crash Team Rumble has just received a release date alongside a beta access period. Here’s everything we know so far.

Crash Team Rumble is an upcoming 4v4 multiplayer party game that tasks players with gathering as many wumpa fruits as possible whilst sabotaging the opposing team. 

With the game hoping to provide strategic gameplay alongside the Crash Bandicoot gameplay that everybody loves, it’s set to be an exciting title.

Screenshot of the upcoming Crash Team Rumble multiplayer game
Credit: Crash Bandicoot

Crash Team Rumble Release Date

Developers Toys for Bob have revealed that Crash Team Rumble is set for release on June 20. This news comes after the team recently spoke at a preview event. Creative directors Dan Neil and Lou Studdert spoke about everything from standard and special editions, beta access and gameplay. 

How to get access to the closed beta

Alongside a June 20 release date for the standard and collector’s editions, pre-orders are available as of today (March 21). For those who pre-order the game, you will gain access to the closed beta that runs from April 20 to April 24. 

The standard edition will also offer incentives such as seasonal events, limited-time modes and access to the Season One Premium Battle Pass. The standard edition is available for $29.99 USD. 

Screenshot of the upcoming Crash Team Rumble multiplayer game
Credit: Crash Bandicoot

Crash Team Rumble Collector’s Edition

In comparison, the collector’s edition offers even more goodies for players. It will include all of the content from the standard version as well as access to the Premium Battle Pass for seasons one and two. Additionally, you will gain 25 instant tier-ups for the season one Battle Pass. Last but not least, it will include the Digital Prototype Pack.

The Digital Prototype Pack includes 8 ‘Blocky’ hero skins:

  • ‘Pixelated’ Shadow
  • ‘Get On My Level’ In-Game Victory Music
  • ‘Blocky’ hat
  • ‘Blocky’ backpack
  • ‘Blocky’ Score FX
  • Unique Banner

The collector’s edition is currently available to pre-order at $39.99 USD. 

What platforms will Crash Team Rumble be on?

Crash Team will be available for PlayStation 4 & 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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