Crazy Horses Are Running Wild In Red Dead Online Since Recent Update

Crazy horses have been running wild in Red Dead Online. Players have been reporting utter chaos across the internet.

On July 13th (unlucky for some), the Blood Money update went live for Red Dead Online. As with most updates and events, new modes, activities, cosmetics, and more have been added to the Rockstar game.

However, players have been getting more than what they have bargained for. We have seen and heard reports of horses charging at players, flying horses, ghost horses, and more. This glitch-fest of an update has brought it all. If a horse had a kitchen sink, I am sure that would make an appearance too.

First reported by Kotaku, Red Dead Online players have been sharing their crazy horse encounters across social media platforms.

Wait for it!

YouTube video

It seems that Red Dead Online is total chaos right now and the internet is having a blast with its randomness. Players are even reporting horse doppelgängers. Could the game be generating evil horse twins that aim to take over the world?

However, rather than me telling you about some of the funny glitches that players have been encountering lately, why not just watch them yourself and enjoy. It is likely that Rockstar Games will fix the horse bugs with a patch, but I kind of hope that they don’t.

Is it a bird? is it a plane? no, it’s a horse!

arthur morgan on a horse in RDR2
Credit: Rockstar Games

Have you discovered any funny bugs lately? If so, share your funny moments across our social media channels.

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Featured Image Credit: Rockstar Games