Days Gone Mod Makes The Game Scarier Than Ever Before

A Days Gone mod has made the encounters with the huge zombie hordes even scarier than they already were. Lovely!

The zombies known as “Freakers” in Days Gone are one of the best-selling points of the post-apocalyptic horror game.  Getting chased by a horde of Freakers was scary enough but this mod takes it to the next level.

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Playing Days Gone without the mod enabled and depending on where you’re located in the game’s open-world map, you can encounter anything between 300 to 500 Freakers. For the most part, the numbers can be much lower than 300, often below 100 strong.

However, the Massive (Challenging) Horde’s mod will enable the Freaker hordes to be anything between 280 to 600. In the latter part of Days Gone, it is also said that you can even encounter anything up to 670 Freakers! As if the game’s protagonist Deacon St. John didn’t have enough to contend with, the mod created by Aigmir has just made his day much worse.

According to the description on Nexus Mods, the level of Freakers you’ll encounter depends on the tier. Tier 0 is 200+, Tier 1 is 280+, Tier 2 is 360+, Tier 4 is 440+, and finally, Tier 5 has anything between 600 to 670 Freakers.

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I must say that as modders get more used to how Days Gone works on PC, I can see the Freaker hordes increasing to even more insane numbers in the future.

It is worth mentioning that in order for the mod to function, you’ll need to activate the mod with a save of Days Gone where you haven’t already discovered hordes. So, you might have to start the game from fresh, but I think this mod makes it worth your while.

days gone mod
Credit: Sony/Bend Studio/Aigmir

Are you going to be downloading the Massive (Challenging) Horde’s mod or perhaps you already have? Let us know on the Facebook post below. Days Gone is available for PC and PlayStation 4. You can pick up a physical copy for your PS4/PS5 on the GameByte Shop.


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Featured Image Credit: Sony/Bend Studio/Aigmir (modder)