Dead Island 2 gameplay footage surfaces online

With Dead Island 2 releasing this Friday, the first 30 minutes of the game are now available to view online thanks to one streamer.

Despite many delays, the game is set to launch on Friday April 21. The long-awaited sequel to its predecessor with the same name is set to be a gory, zombie-killing spectacle. However, one streamer doesn’t have to wait as long after getting their hands on an early copy of the game.

Dead Island 2 Gameplay Footage Leaked

The streamer in question is Lucas Cosmico who streamed the game to his viewers last night. After the stream, Cosmico uploaded the first 30 minutes of the game to his Youtube page. However, as this footage has gone live before the game’s release, it could still be taken down. 

YouTube video

The footage shows Dead Island 2’s opening cinematic and the first look at gameplay. Although the footage is in Spanish, we can see the character select screen which quickly transitions into a blood-filled scene. 

We won’t go into much more detail to avoid spoilers but you can view the footage above which is still up at the time of writing. 

It is doubtful that Cosmico is the only content creator to get an early copy so it’s best to tread carefully if you don’t wish to be spoiled before Friday. 

Gameplay screenshot taken from the upcoming Dead Island 2
Credit: Charlie INTEL

Other updates for Dead Island 2

It has been a busy few months for the zombie-sequel. This week saw the game’s PC requirements finally released, alongside news that DI 2 would not support cross-platform play. 

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Additionally, Dambuster Studios recently revealed that the game would have a streamer mode. However, they advise caution as the cinematic title sequence will feature licensed music. 

Finally, for those who wish to play on PC, Dead Island 2 will only support keyboard and mouse. 

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