Dead Island 2 Is Still In Development, Teases Deep Silver

Development of Dead Island 2, the third game in the beloved zombie series, has been pretty quiet for some time now. Don’t panic though, as Deep Silver has all but confirmed that Dead Island 2 is still on the way.

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Credit: Deep Silver

Dead Island 2 was announced six years ago – six years ago and it’s still seemingly no closer to releasing at this point.

I remember in 2014 when it was announced at E3 with that awesome cinematic trailer of a jogger running through California, slowly turning into a zombie. It certainly helped to captivate the humorous tone that publisher Deep Silver intended, but it’s been pretty quiet since then.

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I actually played an alpha build of Dead Island 2 at EGX in 2014, and to say that it was a buggy mess was putting it mildly.

I remember the game visually looking quite decent – certainly an upgrade over the re-release of original Dead Island that later came to PS4 and Xbox One in 2016. 

However I mostly remember that it crashed many times ,and the framerate was very poor indeed. When Dead Island 2 got delayed shortly after, I wasn’t at all surprised.

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Credit: Deep Silver

The development of Dead Island 2 has been very troublesome with delays that would put Cyberpunk 2077 to shame, and its had multiple development studios from Yager, Sumo Digital and now Dambuster Studios.

If I’m correct I believe that the last release window was 2017 but right now there is no new release window which has got many fans assuming that it will never release.

Yet on Twitter this week, when publisher Deep Silver advertised Saints Row: Gat Out of Hell as an Xbox Games with Gold title, we got some surprising news. When asked for an update on Dead Island 2, Deep Silver seemingly confirmed the game is still in development.

Before Deep Silver could respond to the fan query, another gamer got in there first by saying: “Give up man. It’s not coming. Just move on to Dying Light lol

However Deep Silver did reply and it was to the follower that stated that Dead Island 2 is not coming. The publisher replied: “We wouldn’t be so sure about that! 😉

Deep Silver then followed up with a tweet all but confirming the development of Dead Island 2, writing: “We’re not quite ready to talk about the latest Dead Island just yet, but when we do, you’ll see it here!”

Though at this stage, having no release window, I think it’s safe to assume that while it’s likely to still get its PS4 and Xbox One release, I believe it’s just as likely to also release on new-gen consoles too.

Hopefully Deep Silver and Dambuster Studios will have something zombie-related to show-off soon because I think we’ve all waited long enough.

Do you still think that Dead Island 2 will see the light of day or do you think it’s dead and buried? Let us know by reacting to our Emoji’s below.

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Featured Image Credit: Deep Silver