Deadly Premonition Dev’s New Game Is A Mystery RPG With Dogs & Cats

A wise man once said “Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together… mass hysteria!”  And the way things are right now, that famous quote might be closer to the truth than ever before.  However, mass hysteria is not what it’s all about today, because dogs and cats will be living together in harmony, at least that’s the idea here anyway.

Credit: White Owls

Upcoming Nintendo Switch game, The Good Life, comes from the studio White Owls. The team is led by Hidetaka Suehiro, the developer behind D4: Dark Dreams Don’t Die and the cult classic Deadly Premonition. 

Yukio Futatsugi, the creator of Panzer Dragoon is also a member of the development team, so this project is not short of talent leading the charge.

The Good Life is described as a “Daily Life Simulator”  RPG and started life via a Kickstarter campaign. The game sees you play as an American journalist by the name of Naomi, after she moves to the fictional British town of Rainy Woods to start a new life in the hope of clearing her crippling debt. 

Credit: White Owls

In order to clear her debt and to make some money, she is tasked with taking photos of the odd inhabitants and report her findings.  However, in a town described as “the happiest town in the world”, it soon becomes evidently clear, that all is not what it seems.

YouTube video

You’ll be solving mysteries, getting to know the unique villagers of the town, and befriending dogs, cats and sheep (because of course).  But does the small town of Rainy Woods behold more sinister horrors, then a welcoming charm?  You will find out soon enough when The Good Life releases for Nintendo Switch later this year.

This is definitely one to watch!

Featured Image Credit: White Owls