Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed: Gene Blending Guide

Destroy All Humans! 2 – Reprobed: Gene Blending is a mechanic used to upgrade Crypto’s abilities by making cocktails of different DNA from humans. Rather than just guessing what types of humans make what, here’s a complete guide on how to create each Gene Blend from every City.

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To make this a little easier to read, please follow the below shorthand references:



A = American (Bay City)

B = British (Albion)

J = Japanese (Takoshima)

R = Russian (Tunguska)

M = Moonbase

Job Type

A = Army

C = Cop

H = Hippie

K = KGB Agent

N = Ninja

O = Cosmonaut

S = Secret Agent

U = Urban


F = Female

M = Male


V = black (Ninja)

W = white (Ninja)

-X = Times the Gene Blend humans by a certain amount.

Easy To Make Blends

Kremlin Hoodwink!: AK, BK, JK, RK

Protect Augmentation: BHf, BUm, BK,BS, BA

Protect Mastery: AA, JC, JUf, JA, Nw, Nv

Free Love Augmentation: AHf, AHm, BHf, BHm, BS

Free Love Mastery: AUf, BHm, BA, JUf, JUm, AK, JK

Extract Augmentation: AA, JA, BS, BK, JK

Extract Mastery: AC, JC, Nw, Nv,

PK Augmentation: AC, AA, AA, AK, AK

PK Mastery: AK, AK, BA, BA, JA, BS, BS, Nw, Nv, Nv

Transmog Augmentation: BS, BS, BA, BA, AK, BK

Transmog Mastery: BS, Nw, JUf, RUm, RUf, JC, JA, RA, RA, RK

Mind Flash Augmentation: BS, BHf, JC, JC, JK, JK

Mind Flash Mastery: AHf, RUf, RUm, RUm, RA, RA, RK, RK, RK, RK

Crypto Is Back!: AHf, AUf, BHf, BUf

The Swinging Sixties!: AHf, AHm, BHf, BHm

Natalya’s Secrets: AUf, BUf, BUf, JUf, JUf

Furons A-Go-Go!: BUm, JUm, AC, JC

Oh the Humanity!: JUf, JUm, Nw, RUf, RUm

Popular Mechanics: BS, BUf, Nv, RA, RA

The Blisk Files (Blisk Art Gallery): RK, RK, MC, MC, MC

Bay City Specific Blends

Merry pranksters!: AHm-x4

Fool the Flower Child! : AHf-x5

Squaresville!: AUm-x4

Hey Mrs. Robinson!: AUf-x5

It’s the Fuzz!: AC-x4

G.I. Switcheroo!: AA-x4

Albion Specific Blends

Carnaby Shuffle!: BHm-x4

The Profound Affair!: BHf-x5

Simpler Super, What?: BUm-x4

Faster Moneypence Kill!: BUf-x5

‘Ello! ‘Ello! ‘Ello!: BC-x4

Gorblimey!: BA-x4

Shhh! Secret Snatch!: BS-x4

Takoshima Specific Blends

Trap of Silent Deceptions: Nv-x5 Nw-x5

Kampai, Mr. Salaryman!: JUm-x4

Madame Bodysnatch: JUf-x5

Koban Kraziness!: JC-x4

Banzai Kamikaze!: JA-x4

Tunguska Specific Blends

Where’s the Vodka?: RUm-x4

Where’s the Potatoes?: RUf-x5

Milenkov Goose Step! : RA-x4

Moonbase Solaris Specific Blends

Out of Yuri: MO-x4

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